Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aurora, Illinois

We like to travel a lot, me my wife and often my two sons. We tend to go on cruises whenever the opportunity arises and whenever we get free time off from work we go on speedily put together vacations. We are kind of an odd family mostly because we don’t own a single car. We live about two blocks from my office and about a block three miles from the airport, where you can find about every kind of car rental company in the U.S. In fact in the past we had our sons bike there at one point and pick the car up for us. Interestingly enough we save monumentally when it comes to money by not owning a car, it is probably what allows us to travel so much.

So when we decided to head up to Illinois to meet with some family in Aurora we quickly rented a Ford Escape from Hertz and made plans to take whole family up north. Just about every time we rent a car we make sure to use Rental Car Momma, they always have the best rates and we can always have our rental car ready for us before we even get to the rental car place. But anyway, back to the trip to Aurora.

We didn't need a place to stay because my brother has a guest house we were able to stay in. But our main concern was exactly what we were going to do when we were there, I mean Aurora, Illinois really isn’t all that popular a place when it comes to entertainment, but my brother assured us he knew about several places that would keep us entertained. So our first trip was to the beautiful Phillips Park Zoo. Just about everyone likes a good zoo, the only problem is most of them are either tiny or not kept in very good condition. Well I can assure you that this is not the case, the Phillips Park Zoo was large and had a ton of exotic animals. The fact that my eighteen year old son was enjoying it speaks for itself.

We spent the next day exploring the Blackberry Farm’s Pioneer Village a large museum that has all these cool exhibits that pertain to the town’s history. While my wife and I accompanied by my brother and his wife explored the museum the kids went off and followed the paths. Apparently these paths lead through nearly fifty five acres of forest, filled with several hundred species of animals, even though my kids said they only saw several deer. My brother says those trails are really worth walking, and if you are willing to travel the whole fifty five acres you will see a ton of animals, depending on the time of the year.

We finished off our vacation by visiting Walter Payton’s Roundhouse Complex. It has a really unique and interesting design but best of all it has this really fantastic restaurant. I’m so glad my brother knew the town so well otherwise we wouldn’t have known about any of the things there, it was a fun vacation, I would definitely head back in the future, my brother assures me there is more to see.

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