Monday, March 21, 2011

Going Down Under, Part 1

Sydney Harbor Bridge - Night
So the gang decided to make our annual trip. this time around, we been saving quite a bit more than we used to and we are heading to Australia.

We took the American Airlines flight that will get us from Orlando to Dallas/Ft. Worth doing a layover there for 40 min and then going to Los Angeles where we’ll stop there for about 2hrs to then head in a direct flight to Sydney Australia!

Just so you can understand how big the flight to get there was, we got out in Orlando around 4:55pm Saturday and got there Sunday at 6:30am. We then got off into the desk of Budget Rent-a-Car where we got a similar car as the X-Terra, which is called there the X-Trail AWD with a GPS and it cost us about $651.80 which is totally not bad, judging that we were in another country. Plus, it was very easy and convenient, and to add a wonderful discount!

In all sites and forums they were giving the excellent advised to scratch the first day and dedicated to roaming around the city and get acclimated to the time zone over there. And that’s what we did, we felt like zombies because of the jet lag!

We all got used to driving in the “wrong” side of the road, of course for them is the “right” side! We went to bed around 7pm, all tire and spent.

The group (Mike, Anya, Rachel, Ms. Hotness Alejandra, and me) woke up very early in the morning and got ready to do the sightseeing around Sydney Australia. In our X-Trail, we drove toward the Sydney Harbor Bridge, one of the most amazing places to visit. We got on one of the main streets and pass it in our car, and then on the other side, we stop by the parking lot and got underway our tour. We made our reservations ahead of time, and got the bridge climb that was 3 ½ hours and goes from the outer arch of the bridge. To say that the views are spectacular is an understatement! The only bad thing about it is that its really incredibly hard to take pictures. Mike and I were trying to walk very close to one another to hold ourselves, cause the wind pretty much picks up from the moment you start to go up. But we finally got like four pictures on the top, one like panoramic and the other of the harbor. The other sets was of the other side with the city landscape on the background and then another with the Sydney Opera House, which we’ll shortly visit.

After getting off from the bridge, we took the car and drove toward the Opera House. The weather is beautiful during this month, it was like 75F and then dropping at night around 63F, blue-sky and seldom patches of clouds, it was simply perfect! The Opera House is that famous building that has the forms of sails. One thing is to see the thing on TV or in pictures, another completely different thing is to see it in person. we were all in awe, specially when they started to do the tour inside and see the incredible decoration. Personally we were saying that it looks like a palace inside. In our case, that we all lovers of plays and theater and philharmonic orchestras, we were like kids in a candy store!

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