Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Going Down Under, Part 2

One of the crazy burgers at The Lot Burger

So we were very excited with our first actual day in Sydney and couldn’t wait to see what more this amazing continent island has in store for us!

Next in our list was a trip to Cairns which is in the northern part of Australia in the Queensland province. Here we went to take the cable car that will lift us above the most impressive vistas we could find, the Australian Rainforest. What impressed us the most was that is in the World Heritage protected area; and you can see the careful care that they have on this immense area. At first it will seem that is very little but once you get thru the main gates, you discover that this is a huge portion of land that has been kept off the hands of developers. You glide over the one small section of the rainforest, as you go thru the different stations you can see different foliage and in some occasions the animals that are going from tree-top top tree-top. Alejandra, as you all know is an excellent photographer, caught in the action a macaw type of bird with some incredible bright coloring plumage flying to the nest, what a lucky lady she was! In one of the terminals, there’s a wooded walkway that is suspended thru pillars and goes around the trunks. You can see that they thought in all possible ways not to disturb the environment. It took us about 5-hrs and still couldn’t have spend more cause you have so many more areas that you can observe and sightseeing in this awesome place. Like the pamphlet said it is indeed the world’s most beautiful rainforest experience!

Then since we were a bit closer, we looked for the weirdest hamburger we could have, so the concierge in the hotel told us that there’s no other place like THE LOT BURGER. So we were driving in our X-Trail SUV and it was a super comfortable travel, not only that but it was great to get it from the Rental car momma site. Alejandra was my co-pilot and she was giving me directions to the place thru the help of our handy GPS. At one juncture, the girls were like “we got lost”, but one thing that the concierge told the guys was that there was a portion that is all terrain and “seems” as if there’s nothing. But then we saw the city (personally I thought I was in a Sergio Leone spaghetti western type of movie). One of the girls jump out and scream that we found the place. Right there we finally understood that not only refers to the actual burger but the place as well. There, we were greeted by a few guys from Mexico. Alejandra and I looked at each other and started to laugh cause how could we find a couple of Mexicans here in the middle of Australia, after the hello’s and once they knew we were also latinos it was as if the gates of heaven open up for them! They were extremely friendly and making funny jokes throughout the day. The other guys were like looking at each other in disbelieve, cause it was like Alejandra and I were totally in our ambience and locals!
Probably you’ll be asking about the burger. We had a ‘roo-licious burger, which was made of Kangaroo meat. It was to die for, you can lick your fingers, very tasty and totally we were in love with the juicy feel to it. Is it big? In one word, HUGE! So big that we couldn’t finish, Mike is the hog in our group, we all thought in one moment that he’ll finish the thing, but he couldn’t either. There was one of the servers who kinda remarked that he came short to being the third guy who has been accounted to actually finish the burger. Mike said that the next time he gets here, he’ll finish the burger!

We left to the hotel and rest there…tomorrow is going to be amazingly exciting! I’ll tell you more…

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