Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going Down Under, Part 3

Fizroy Island

After that night with the humongous unfinish-able burger, we all went back to the hotel in Cairns and drop like bags of potatoes in our beds.

The next morning we had scheduled a fantastic day of beach and natural sightseeing. And what better place to see than the incredible Great Barrier Reef. It is the biggest natural sight that you can see from space, that’s how big it is!

We rented it a nice catamaran, and as we sail thru the port to the open ocean, we saw the sheer beauty of the Reef. At intervals the captain went slow and pointed it the different color tones that were seen from the coral formations, he also remarked that “it was a must” to snorkel or those who had the experience to dive.

Finally we got into the port of Fizroy Island, which is a 339-hectares of unspoiled luscious landscape. It is protected in the rainforest national park system, and is consider part of the great barrier reef. From there, the only manmade thing in this land are private beach cabins. You can stroll in the pristine waters of its shore. The water has this type of turquoise-blue color, much different than say the color in the Caribbean islands. We grab our own scuba-diving gear, and started to go deep. They have different sites that you can visit, which adds to the excitement. They have the usual sunken boats, that dates from the captain cook years, and some others that were sunken to make another “room” to the species of reef colonies.

Once you go under the water, it is an entirely different show. If words can describe the beauty that is the coral reef inside the water! Colors that are not in any computerized palette, brightness all around, you can feel that life is everywhere! The girls spotted “nemo” (a clown fish, but I guess since the movie everyone called it that way), the guys and I saw a few stingrays. It was without saying that we were fascinated with this amazing natural environment. You can understand why the captain was trying to stimulate everyone to dive or snorkel cause it is a completely different sight once you are underwater!

After the dive, we rested in the beach and there were some spots where you can just relax and feel the breeze of the wind. Alejandra and I stroll around the shore talking and laughing and sharing our own takes from this experience. She was telling me the different pictures she took. She couldn’t wait to reveal the pictures, she had some ideas like a mosaic of all the coral reef pictures. That lady never ceases to impress me, I tell you!

The guys in the catamaran had all the things ready for lunch. We got into the table, with the rest of the people that were with us, and were seated to this banquet. Plates with some nice fresh fruit salad and green salads, I asked for a Caesar Salad. There were also Surf and Turf plates fill with steak, ribeyes and also shrimp on a Barbie and scallops and oysters, mussels and other varieties of seafood. It was succulent, and the special Australian spice touch was all it needed. Our captain was a flamboyant guy, chubby, but with sucha “party guy” cheerful personality that we were having super fun. And you cannot stop laughing cause his accent was like the crocodile hunter and hugh jackman!

The sunset was another sight not to be missed, the sheer oranges, purple, splashes of blues and touches of reds and yellows was an impossible to resist spectacle. The couples just totally lost it and started to kiss. Alejandra looked at me and blushed, and I had to kiss the damsel. That was a wonderful end to an incredible day!

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