Saturday, April 30, 2011

Danger Ranger

My Red Ford RangerWaiting around for something to happen is boring. So i take initiative into my own hands. Doing so I decided to take a road trip to the beach. With me I had my dog Toby a (german shepherd) and my old lady. We left bright and early at 630 am eastern time and road out in my 99' ranger (danger ranger). We made it there safe and sound just took us a lil while cuz my truck only does 65 without falling apart, i guess that's just part of owning a Ford. Next time I'm gonna get a Toyota for sure. During our trip up there we stopped a couple times for bathroom breaks for us and the dog and snack breaks as well. We had to reenergize after all that driving. When we finally go to the beach the sun was up and the weather was gorgous.

Upon our arrival we decided to walk the dog up and down the stretch that we were staying at. The dog loved it and so did we. We even swam around with him a little bit since he loves the water. We wanted to go fishing but the surf was just too rough to cast into and we wanted to relax some anyway. We got our tan on and drank a few cold ones while we admired the weather and the sun. I definitely got a good tan out of it and had a nice time as well. You will love Cocoa Beach if you have never been, i recommend taking a trip there for sure. The scene is great and it's not always as paked as some other Florida beaches such as Daytona. We also parked right close to the beach in the danger ranger. So it's a win, win situation. You really can't go wrong when you choose Cocoa Beach.

After spending some time at the ocean we decided to drive back in the Ford. That piece of crap almost fell apart, next time I'm probably gonna have to rent a car and my girl recommended rentalcarmomma so I'm going to give them a shot next time. I hear they have unbeatable rates and great cars that you can choose from as well. We finally got home around sun set time and we got to relax from the hard day of playing. I cannot wait to head back to the ocean and enjoy the surf and sun.

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