Friday, April 29, 2011

Martha's Vineyard Pt.1

Rafi on his bike in Martha's Vineyard
So my sister and I went out to visit my aunt in Massachusetts, and she made plans to visit some of the nicest places around town. It is summer time, so we wanted to enjoy the nice weather and the awesome food found in the area.

Martha’s Vineyard is an island that is off from the coast of Cape Cod, and you can get there either by ferry boat or by airplane. We choose to go thru the ferry, it was nice cause you can see the scenery, plus a major thing is you can carry your car. We decided to go with our car, so as usual we went with our favorite rental car place, Budget. It was an SUV, and we added the bicycle rack on top. Then with the car full, we headed to the ferry, we pay the additional fee to bring the car and we went to the island. It was a pretty nice trip, the sights from the travel are awesome and definitely you should get your camera ready cause you can capture live animals. As soon as we dock into the island, we found a nice parking lot and that’s where we left the SUV and use the bikes in the island. Since my sister and I didn’t have our bikes, we stop into the bike rental place and got ours.

We found that the majority of the locals used the bike as their mode of transportation. It was totally a different way of living here in the island; people are friendlier and really helpful in getting to the different places. While we were pedaling our bike, we saw that all the places around had a bike rack where you can park the bicycles, the only thing that it was needed was a chain with a combination-type lock, which we received with our bikes in the bike rental place.

Most of the guys in the group have come here, so they knew their way around, in some junctions, they waited for my sister and I. I was sightseeing and for the most part stopping in certain areas cause the views were really awesome, I even put few of these pictures as wallpaper in my laptop.

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