Friday, April 1, 2011

Spain is the Game - Part One

The Big GameAs you all know, the gang and I went on for our major trip of the year, this time around we decided to go to Spain. Visiting our awesome friends Martin from Madrid and the always wild and funky Pauline from Barcelona.

We visited some nice places in both city and left the grand finale of our legs with the required soccer game. Let me tell you, if you thought tailgating is a tradition wait until you see what real tailgating is. They have pinchos, they have all sort of meats, even paellas (which is like a huge rice container with all sort of seafood and meats and chorizo and steaks, it is delicious!), everyone is with the colors of the team. Martin was with the n#1 which corresponds to Iker Casillas who is the goalkeeper from Real Madrid, and Pauline with her favorite (mind you, she said “the hottest terroncito in the land”. Terroncito means little terron which is the biggest seller candy here in Spain) n# 7 David Villa from Barcelona.

Martin and Pauline found awesome shirts for us, the boys with Real Madrid and the girls with Barcelona. We started to get thru the masses who were totally pumped up for this game. We totally lost it with one guy who was incredibly fat and had a super humongous drum and he had the flag of the team and a Mexican sombrero who had little things that reflected the team Barcelona. There was guys painted in white, guys painted in blues and reds, and all sort of different costumes. The intensity was so contagious that we started to scream with the teams we represented and there were other people who was pumping fists and giving high fives.

So the game began and the whole stadium was going to explode. It didn’t take too much to see that this was going to be a tightly contested game. No goals and the time was beginning to settle when all of a sudden Messi the Argentinean striker got lost and whoever was supposed to defend him got late and went straight to the goal and shoot with sucha precision that the ball hit to the left hand corner. Oh my god, you can see one half of the stadium surge with emotions and the other half was like shouting to the poor goalie. The game finish the first half 1-zip and in the halftime we all got something to eat. I didn’t think that games will get you starving. If outside we found all sort of different food, inside the stadium was more varied. They have even spaghettis and other plates with seafood!

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