Friday, May 27, 2011

Cahutta, Georgia – Part 5

Cahutta, Georgia
Our last day there we were asked to clear a whole mountainside down to the ground. Now we were cutting trees down and clearing away brush but this time they wanted us to clear everything that stood above our knees. So out came the weed whackers with a chainsaw blades and a variety of clippers and of course, my personal favorite the machete.

We started at the base of the hill and worked our way up, then over across maybe two hundred feet of steep hill. We left the trees but cut down all the shrubs, which consisted of mostly small trees and a collage of vines and thorns. We did this all the way till the sun went down. We must have carried away fifteen trailer loads of brush before we could no long work.

We headed back to the cabin, showered, ate and then said goodbye to the camp staff. There was a twenty minute talk about how grateful they were and then we climbed into the cars. We had brought a CRV hooked up to a trailer full of supplies, food and bags and a Dodge Caravan we had rented from Budget.

I would tell you the rest of the trip but I honestly slept the entire way back. I woke up to us unloading the vehicles and collecting all our personal belongings. For a mission trip it was great, exhausting but great. We got a ton of work done and we had a really good time doing it!

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