Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello Alaska

2011 Ford FocusSo in my search for a cheap rental car I stumbled across a great coupon from Herty saving me 35 dollars on my rental car on Rental Car Momma. These guys were awesome. They were there every step of the way for me with unbeleivable customer service. It seemed like no matter what time I called, I was the only person that they were focusing on and they were quick to help me out and answer my questions.

The car I ended up renting was a new 2011 Ford Focus. It was a very cool car with an impressive interior to say the least. Another great thing is that it got 40 miles to the gallon. I know it's insane, right? The car was fun and roomy at the same time, my whole family had room to move around and put their stuff in it while we were trekking across Alaska's plains and mountains. We loved the all wheel drive system it came with as well. I can't wait to get another rental from these guys.

The actual driving across Alaska wasn't bad at all. I had expected timely delays and bad roads, but actually the opposite was true. They keep their roads in exceptional condition and they are always open. I guess the continental states can learn a thing or two from our colossal brother up north. Alaksa all in all was a beautiful place with many wonderful attractions. I even got to go fishing while we were there which was simply amazing. I cannot wait to go back already.

While staying there in Anchorage we got to discover downtown and how the state operated. It was really differnt than say Chicago or New York. The people were much more friendly and down to Earth to say the least. You could always ask a question and expect an honest answer. They had some amazing restaraunts there to eat at. I surely had my fish fix while we were there. All the fish were caught locally and cooked right there in sort of a self sufficient kind of way. There is no other place like it in the world. The buildings there in Anchorage were amazing. They were all constructed to withstand extreme elements and severe freezes. The very core of this city was hard and so was the surrounding countrside that was littered with broken glaciers and frozen tundras. The expeditions that went out daily to this haphhazard wastelands was a thought for me to say the least, however I had the family with me so I had to say "maybe another day." Whenever I come back to the beautiful town of Anchorage I surely plan to explore the frozen Tundra and farther toward the Artic Circle. I think it will be a rush to experience the freezing temperatures that are to be had there. I experieced the hot 130 degree deserts of Iraq and Kuwait, so why not experience the exact opposite? I can't say enough good about Alaska, but what I can say is that if you are looking for a relaxing, beautiful place to spend your next family vacation that is IN the US, then this is where you need to go. No passport nonsense is needed to keep you entertained during your trip.

If you were planning out your next trip, I'd say your first stop has to be to Rental Car Momma to utilize one of their unbeatable coupons. You can save tons of money and even get free upgrades from these guys. Where else can you get a Camaro for the price of a Aveo? The bottom line is their prices are unbeatable and they have the best customer service around, so why book with anyone else? The trip was amazing and so was the money saved. It was put to good use anyway, I went out and bought a brand new 2011 Ford Focus because I liked it so much.

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