Friday, May 6, 2011

London Calling

Ms. Hotness Alejandra received a call from one of her clients and wanted her to travel all the way to the U.K. to get some pictures and use it in his website. As you all know she is a gifted photographer, she took that project with joy!

So, she told me about it, and you know how girls tend to be sometimes, right? Yep, throwing a little the “I am going to be alone there, and I’ll gonna miss you” a sort of invitation without being formally invited. What a gentleman has to do, right?...that’s why I ended up doing a trip to the old country, London!

As usual, for the trips I do to the old continent, I usually got Avis. one thing that you guys don’t know about this beautiful woman is that she is a total “Green” lady, she is into protecting the environment, so she picked the nicest car which also happens to be a hybrid, the Peugeot 3008. Let me tell you, that car is a thing of beauty from the outside, but inside is so comfy and you barely hear the hum of the engine, but be careful cause I underestimated this car. It runs amazingly well and push the accelerator and you’ll be going fast in no time!

Picadilly Circus at NightSo we drove all the way from Heathrow International Airport to the hotel, we were located in a lovely area in London. Close by, there’s the Piccadilly Circus road junction, which is a major tourist attraction, sort of similar to the famous New York intersection Times Square. Close to the middle of the junction there was a nice statue that is for an Earl, which is the English way to say a Count. And following into the street we saw the area where they have the neon signs, which they had a little note saying they change the neon for LED, which is a more efficient and conserves more energy! They had a Coca-Cola sign and a TDK (which is a recording company, tapes, CDs, etc.) and also a Sanyo billboard, which I was told was the only one that still has neon lights. Alejandra was with her Nikkon Camera and she was taking all sort of angles and I was helping her with her bag full of different lenses. One thing extraordinary is to see this woman in action, so focus and full of vitality. However, there were moments when she snaps from her business trance and goes into her usual flirty way, which is sexy to look at to say the least.

More about London next time....

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