Monday, May 9, 2011

London still Calling

Houses of Parliament
The next morning we decided to go to one the iconic places in London, which is the Houses of Parliament. This place is like Congress here in the States. Once you walked into, we saw few guys with their white toupe and their large black robes. Two young guys from the parliament were wearing this and Alejandra immediately have them posing and taking few shots. We walk to the other side of the building into the direction of the Clock Tower, where the Big Ben is located. The nickname comes from the actual bell which is huge, but many people during the ages have extended the name to the entire Clock Tower. One thing is to see it in pictures and in the pages of the magazine, but another distinct is to see it live. Pictures doesn’t do justice on the sheer grandness of the clock. It is a thing of beauty. One thing, wait until its close to noon time, so you can hear the chimes ringing. And then laugh when you see the troupe of people coming out in every angle cause they don’t wanna missed their tea time. Alejandra was taking pictures of this funny thing, it was hilarious, who knows if the tea is a little “spike” with god knows what other liquor! We promised that we’ll comeback during the night to take pictures cause an old lady told us that if we wanna see a lovely sight of the Tower and the Parliament, we should do it at night.

The next thing we did was going to the Eye of London, which offers a magnificent view of London. we got the pleasure to board one the cubicles, and they were really spacious, sure you cant expect to walk inside it but its comfy enough, plus it has a/c. I cant tell you enough about the spectacular view. Alejandra has such an eye with the sights of London, and she immediately told me to get her a special lens that changes the light spectrum to infrared, she did some tweaking in her camera and voila, the same picture but with a totally different look, more with a red hue. She then to be funny spot the camera on me and started to shoot some pictures, for a moment she caught me off guard, but then I started out to make funny and silly faces, and she was in her “stay quiet, pose for me handsome man!”, which was totally funny coming from her!

Next day happens to be a little more monarchy cause we are planning on visiting some of the nicest palaces and castles in the area. Stay tune for more about this England trip with Alejandra.

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