Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Martha's Vineyard Pt.3

Gay Light HouseWe were pedaling a little more and found our way to the Gay Head Lighthouse, which is one lighthouse you have to see if you are in this area! Not only has some historical significance and some stories to tell, but is one of the oldest in the country! It is a thing of beauty, and one thing that adds up to the whole thing is the spectacular view it offers of the New Englander coast. The night was falling a bit and that’s when we saw the lighthouse gear into action, and that was something unexpectedly gratifying. To see the beaming light crossing the sky toward the ocean, you cannot go wrong, not only for lighthouse lovers but also as a romantic spot cause when we arrived there were few couples having a picnic dinner, I saw a few with caviar and crackers and a bottle of wine, I thought for a moment in making another trip to bring Alejandra Ms Hotness here!

It was getting late and we have enough time to have a nice little dinner and getting into the ferry boat. We heard from some of the locals that the Italian restaurant Lattanzi’s Restaurant was pretty good, so we decided to go there. All the pedaling was getting into my stomach and pretty much everyone was starving to death! This place has a very nice atmosphere, and we saw a couple of plates and we definitely realized that all the reviews were well deserved it. I got the Vongole con Blanco, which is clams with a white wine alfredo sauce, it was to lick your fingers! My aunt got the Ravioli that had lobster and let me tell you that everyone was talking about her choice, I decided that next time I am getting that one!

We have so much fun in Martha’s Vineyard, the place has its charmed and we said how wonderful it would be to live here, but the real estate here is very pricey though. However, you have to come here to Martha’s Vineyard cause you can have a really good time!

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