Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trip to the west coast

Volkswagen TDIWhen deciding where to get my next rental car for my upcoming road trip I decided to use an online coupon I found from Avis. I got 30% off my rental which came out to a staggering savings across the board. You won't imagine the amazing price I got on the car and man was it sweet. I rented me a Volkswagen TDI(turbo diesel injection). It was sweet. It got 50 miles to the gallon and ran off low sulfur diesel. There is no better type of engine out there. The car was amazing inside and out. It had some great leather seats and a comfortable ride to match. I loved driving the car, it made me feel like a king in the drivers seat, knowing I had some of Germany's top engineers having worked on the very car that I was driving was a cool idea.

So me and the wife decided to head to the west coast to enjoy some time in California where the sun is bright and the beaches are endless. Oh man did we have a good time there. We got to play in the water, surf, jet ski, fish and so much more. For any one looking for a vacation to relax I can't recommend any place else than California. It's called the wonderland for a reason. I didn't want to leave the amazing place once we got there. We also enjoyed some charter boat fishing which was amazing. I caught some snapper, trout, jack and tuna. I had the time of my life out there on the water. It was a workout and great adventure at the same time. There's nothing else like fishing out on the beautiful oceans of America. I cannot wait til my next trip to the coast so I can put my angling skills to the ultimate test and maybe catch myself a Blue Marlin or a Dolphin. That will sure be the day. So we headed back in our amazing Volkswagen TDI that we got so affordable and easily from the folks at Avis and enjoyed the scenic route home.

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