Friday, July 29, 2011

Fishing in New Orleans Part One

The Court of Two SistersSo some of my old time friends invited me to go deep sea fishing with them in New Orleans. I can’t really believe that its deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico but I guess its close enough. Anyway I was looking into plane flights from Orlando to somewhere near New Orleans when I realized that purchasing a ticket two days before flying there was going to cost me a fortune. So I pulled up the trusty and they had a National deal where if you rent a car for three days you get a free weekend day free. Since I am driving up there for the weekend and I will be there three free days it works out perfectly.

So there I was crossing the state of Florida on my way to New Orleans in a Jeep Wrangler, my ideal choice of car for a fishing trip. Anyway the night I got there we decided to go out for food at a place called Court of Two Sisters. Of course we took my Wrangler; I mean if I am paying for it I am going to get my moneys worth. I never would have found this place if it hadn’t been for my friends that lived here, which was really cool cause the food was great. They serve an awesome Seafood Gumbo; I could eat here all weekend.

Anyway the plan is to go fishing in the morning, bright and early. Getting away from the house is great, and I haven’t travelled alone in some time. The guys charted this large fishing boat, so I will have to give you guys an update on Monday about how it goes. But hey a fishing trip can’t be bad, three guys on a boat in the Golf and a few drinks is the good life, right?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s WharfSo my wife and I found ourselves in San Francisco over the weekend for another one of our business travels. This summer has been really harsh on those, but we always find a way to make our travels worth it. But this time we were only going to spend a day in the city before heading further south, so we decided we would head out and see the Golden Gate Bridge before leaving. Of course that meant we needed to rent a vehicle because the hotel/resort her business put us in was located in the airport. So we checked with RentalCarMomma again and saw this free upgrade on Enterprise airport rentals. So in no time at all we were in a Cadillac DTS heading for the bridge.

So it turns out the best place to see the bridge is from what they call the “Fisherman’s Wharf,” along the shore. In fact we saw Alcatraz island from there also. It’s practically a huge harbor with docks filled with all kinds of boats and water craft. They have a lot of restaurants in the area and me and my wife decided to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp for the night. We had a photographer take a picture of us with the bridge in the background, a pretty cool souvenir.

Then we decided to walk the pear to see the sea lions that are supposed to be there by the hundreds. But when we got the end we weren’t greeted by their loud shrieks or abundance. Instead it was dead quiet and empty, with one or two birds flying around. Turns out they are only there at certain times of the year. When we turned back we were greeted by a bunch of street performers. I mean they were on just about every corner doing some wild stuff. My wife was really enjoying the flame breather… is that what they are called?

Anyway for the short time we had to go check it out it was really fun. If I ever go back it will definitely be to check out more of the restaurants. If I had known you could get really fresh sushi and seafood there I would of eaten at one of the gourmet restaurants!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Center for the Puppetry Arts

A wooden puppet!Now this is really a unique one. Since I am still in Atlanta driving around in my Ford Escape I figured I would check out some more things while I was in the area. Someone in our sister office said that if I really want to see something out of the norm I should head on over to the Center for the Puppetry Arts. It turns out they have a museum here that’s entirely dedicated to the art of puppetry… as the name implies.

This museum is awesome. It’s what they call “fully interactive,” because you get to mess with half the stuff here. If you ever wanted to just play with puppets for a little while then this is your place to go. The tours through here are probably your best bet; the guide explains a lot that you would never have a chance to figure out yourself.

Personally I was interested in the wooden characters, the ones that look like Pinocchio. For some reason I found these puppets to be more creative and artistic. Their movements are more robotic, at least when you first looked at them, but the guide showed us how well they move under a “master,” and they look almost life like.

Normally this isn’t the first kind of place I would suggest if you are visiting an area. But if you end up in Atlanta I would definitely make time to take your family here. Its a strange place, but I enjoyed it. One thing I can tell you however is that I would not want to be in this museum at night, to many faces looking at me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coca Cola Museum

Coca Cola MuseumSo I recently took a business trip to Atlanta, Georgia, a place that used to be as boring as… well, Atlanta. You see it wasn’t till recently that the city started to grow in entertainment, and over the last few years I have been making my visits through a yearly business trip to our sister office. I ended up taking the job again so I rented a Ford Escape from Thrifty Rent-a-Car and head up north. Anyways this year after I had spent a day in a meeting with some colleagues they told us about the new Coca Cola museum that they just put in. The way they described it was that all the small museums around the U.S. had combined their knowledge and resources to make on large showcase, that has everything there is to know about everyone’s favorite drink (Yet to be determined).

As soon as you walk through the lobby which is filled with screens of changing pictures that show people all around the world drinking Coca Cola you enter what is called the Coca-Cola Loft. Here you can see just how the awesome drink was started, in fact I encourage you to read up on its history somewhere, it’s kind of comical in its own way. From there you head to the “Happiness Factory Theater, where they show you how they produce so many Coca Cola bottles a day, it’s really amazing.

Finally you head on into the Coca-Cola Hub. Here it’s like an airport, and by that I mean that it is surrounded by terminals. Each terminal houses its own set of attractions/information. One of the rooms is called the Bottle Works, and it’s my favorite. You get to actually see the Coca Cola bottles being produced, no screens, no cameras it’s literally the assembly line behind a glass, definitely the coolest part.

I am not going to spoil the rest of the experience for you, but if you’re in town it is an awesome place to visit. I gave you just a small amount of what there is to see, and truth be told I didn’t explain a lot. That is because there is so much to see and do that I just don’t have the time to tell you it all! As far as I am concerned the Coca Cola Museum is a must if you are visiting Atlanta.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Romancing Rafi pt.2

St.Augustine Fort
For the second part of the trip, we headed north to St. Augustine. It is a picturesque little town that had a huge Spanish influence. The town itself is very small, had this cozy feel to it. We arrived at the hotel, which had a very romantic bed & breakfast feel to it. She was very impress with the itinerary and was looking forward to a time just for the two of us. We just walked during the days and in the evenings we go to a different restaurant. The last night we made it to be extra special, so I was waiting in the lobby for her to show up. Let me tell you when this woman came out from the room into the lobby, even the lady in the front desk was looking at me as in “this is your lucky night, don’t mess it up!”, which I then had a sheepish smile. You betcha that I totally complimenting her, plus I brought a bouquet of flowers just for this occasion.

We went to this Spanish influenced restaurant and asked for one of their specialties, the paella! It is rice with seafood and also chicken and pork plus pieces of chorizo, it is totally to die for. We ordered it with some calamari for appetizers and a jar of homemade sangria. The weather was god-sent, with a little heat but with a soft whispering breeze that totally made the night awesome…I was thanking god and his angels for the skies because they were clear and you can see stars patching the sky, a romantic night to boot! They were also a couple of guitar players playing Spanish songs, and I don’t know, perhaps indeed this was my lucky night cause when they got into our table they were singing “besame, besame mucho…” well, you know the song…and both Alejandra and me looked at each other and laugh, but at the end I sort of play Mr. Smooth-guy and she totally couldn’t resist giving me a kiss.

So finally we finished the food, and then we walked outside and went into the shores a little, taking off our shoes. Then I stopped her and gave her the promise ring and she totally was in heaven.

Then it was time to get back, I drop her into her house and went to mine. It was a night that we still talk about it…of course; I am leaving a few details because there must be some private romantic stuff that I have to keep, wink, lol…

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daytona Beach Wedding Invitation

The wedding chapel in the garden!My family and I were invited to a good friend of mines wedding. It turns out that they decided to have this wedding in Port Orange over at Daytona Beach. I guess they had been looking at places to have their wedding and they found a really nice place over on the West Coast of Florida. But the nice part is that it isn’t only a place to get married at it has all the necessities for a one week vacation. So all the families that were attending the wedding were invited to stay for a whole weekend at this resort style place.

You see the whole place is like a massive garden with a full dining hall and chapel for the wedding. But behind these two places is a group of condos and rooms, and then just another step beyond that is a sandy white beach right on the bay. Well we had rented a Dodge Charger from Hertz and made our way out there for the wedding, which was spectacular by the way. They had a long and energetic wedding reception and then we hit the sack in one of these beautiful condos.

The next morning we were on the beach and enjoying the awesome Florida sun. They even had jet skis on the beach for us to use! There is nothing like cruising around the bay at Daytona for a relaxing vacation! It was definitely a great way to kick back and relax, something I wish I could do again in the future, just got to convince someone to have a wedding there!

We spent most of our time on the beach and hanging out with the family while we were there, but at night we headed down to the shore line for some light shows and the Fourth of July fireworks! We even hit the movie theatre the last night we were there to catch a new release.

Daytona is awesome, I really haven’t spent that much time in the area but I definitely enjoyed my time there, as did my family! I just need to find another friend and convince him to get married at that same place!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Romancing Rafi pt.1

I wanted to surprise my beautiful and lovely girlfriend Ms. Hotness Alejandra with a romantic trip.

So, as usual, I went into the Rental Car Momma site to get my discount for renting a car. My surprise was that they were offering a nice coupon where you can get an extra discount. I picked my favorite company which was Budget, and got my 20% off coupon! It is super easy and user-friendly to pick a car…just punching the date I was going to pick up the car, then the drop off and put the coupon code (plus making sure to print the coupon for when I was going to pick it up) and click on the type of car I wanted, voila! The computer does its magic and in a blink of an eye I get in front of me the car!

I went to Budget’s pickup place and got my Ford Fusion, which to my surprise is a real slick and awesome ride. Plus the price wasn’t bad cause for the whole 5-days I got it for $50 per day with unlimited mileage, which was very convenient for what I had planned!

honeymoon island sunsetFirst stop, Ms. Hotness’ house. She lives in a very lovely residential area. Once I pull out to her driveway, she immediately comes out, guess she was waiting over the window. We both had our duffle-bags, some change of clothes and our swimwear, plus evening clothes for dancing and nice restaurant going out type of thing.

Then we headed to Honeymoon Island by the gulf and stayed there for the night. I got reservations beforehand in a nice hotel, with a view to the beach. In the morning, we both grab a little something for breakfast and headed to the beach. She was wearing this lovely bikini that had the Hawaiian flower as a designed white with red. She looked so incredibly stunning, as soon as she took off her little skirt-cover thingie, I was with my mouth open in awe! She looked at me and she just gave me that wicked smile that I was probably looking around. We dip into the beach, had fun throughout the day. I let her bury me into the sand and then we got into that outdoor restaurant that she liked so much and got some burgers and beer. We had two marvelous days of water and sand that totally was beautiful with her bronze tan!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A trip to Daytona Beach

Jerky by the Pier at Daytona Beach
On my latest adventure to the beach I decided to use a coupon from National that I found on Rental Car Momma. It was a coupon for a free weekend day. You bet your butt I used that coupon to travel to Daytona Beach and live the high life for a weekend. It was a great time too. The trip wasn't that bad, only about an hour or so from Orlando. The trip was great to in our rental Camaro SS. That thing was bad. It had 350 horse power and a luxurious interior to couple that makes a sweet ride for any one that appreciates great sports or muscle cars. You will be able to see and experience this car for yourself when booking with National. They are an exclusive provider for the new camaro's in the rental car market. You will love this huge v8 and the amazing torque and sound that it provides. So book your rental car now and start enjoying what you have been missing for so many years.

You will find that Daytona Beach is one of the most popular beaches in America for a reason when you first stroll up to it's water side. There are miles of top rated hotels, bars and clubs right along the beach that you can visit or stop in to when you feel the need to get a little crazy. Don't hesitate to let your wild side out at this Florida hot spot. I had the time of my life traveling there. The water was amazing and the beach was very clean. You could even drive your car on the beach. So you bet you butt I drove our new camaro ss onto the sand and drove it like I stole it. It was a great time and I am surely gonna make another trip to Daytona in the near future. I had a lovely time bringing my wife and my lil bro to play in the sand and enjoy the water front view. The Sun was out so you bet I got my tan on while staying there. There were several drink/ and snack carts to cater to your any taste or desire so don't worry if you forgot the cooler at home like I did. You will be more than taken care of here.

Daytona Beach is home to many hot attractions besides just the beach. You can visit the one of a kind Daytona 500 and see what it's like for these sports car racers and the huge track that they fly around every year. Also you can visit a para sailing ride that takes place on the beach. You will get a great birds eye view of the area and be able to see out for miles. So make sure to stop in to the parasailing booth. Also, you an rent atv's, scooters and many more motorized vehicles on the beach that you can enjoy with your loved ones while staying there. So make sure to travel to Daytona and plan out your stay because there is just so much to do that it's crazy.