Friday, July 22, 2011

Center for the Puppetry Arts

A wooden puppet!Now this is really a unique one. Since I am still in Atlanta driving around in my Ford Escape I figured I would check out some more things while I was in the area. Someone in our sister office said that if I really want to see something out of the norm I should head on over to the Center for the Puppetry Arts. It turns out they have a museum here that’s entirely dedicated to the art of puppetry… as the name implies.

This museum is awesome. It’s what they call “fully interactive,” because you get to mess with half the stuff here. If you ever wanted to just play with puppets for a little while then this is your place to go. The tours through here are probably your best bet; the guide explains a lot that you would never have a chance to figure out yourself.

Personally I was interested in the wooden characters, the ones that look like Pinocchio. For some reason I found these puppets to be more creative and artistic. Their movements are more robotic, at least when you first looked at them, but the guide showed us how well they move under a “master,” and they look almost life like.

Normally this isn’t the first kind of place I would suggest if you are visiting an area. But if you end up in Atlanta I would definitely make time to take your family here. Its a strange place, but I enjoyed it. One thing I can tell you however is that I would not want to be in this museum at night, to many faces looking at me.

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