Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daytona Beach Wedding Invitation

The wedding chapel in the garden!My family and I were invited to a good friend of mines wedding. It turns out that they decided to have this wedding in Port Orange over at Daytona Beach. I guess they had been looking at places to have their wedding and they found a really nice place over on the West Coast of Florida. But the nice part is that it isn’t only a place to get married at it has all the necessities for a one week vacation. So all the families that were attending the wedding were invited to stay for a whole weekend at this resort style place.

You see the whole place is like a massive garden with a full dining hall and chapel for the wedding. But behind these two places is a group of condos and rooms, and then just another step beyond that is a sandy white beach right on the bay. Well we had rented a Dodge Charger from Hertz and made our way out there for the wedding, which was spectacular by the way. They had a long and energetic wedding reception and then we hit the sack in one of these beautiful condos.

The next morning we were on the beach and enjoying the awesome Florida sun. They even had jet skis on the beach for us to use! There is nothing like cruising around the bay at Daytona for a relaxing vacation! It was definitely a great way to kick back and relax, something I wish I could do again in the future, just got to convince someone to have a wedding there!

We spent most of our time on the beach and hanging out with the family while we were there, but at night we headed down to the shore line for some light shows and the Fourth of July fireworks! We even hit the movie theatre the last night we were there to catch a new release.

Daytona is awesome, I really haven’t spent that much time in the area but I definitely enjoyed my time there, as did my family! I just need to find another friend and convince him to get married at that same place!

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