Friday, July 29, 2011

Fishing in New Orleans Part One

The Court of Two SistersSo some of my old time friends invited me to go deep sea fishing with them in New Orleans. I can’t really believe that its deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico but I guess its close enough. Anyway I was looking into plane flights from Orlando to somewhere near New Orleans when I realized that purchasing a ticket two days before flying there was going to cost me a fortune. So I pulled up the trusty and they had a National deal where if you rent a car for three days you get a free weekend day free. Since I am driving up there for the weekend and I will be there three free days it works out perfectly.

So there I was crossing the state of Florida on my way to New Orleans in a Jeep Wrangler, my ideal choice of car for a fishing trip. Anyway the night I got there we decided to go out for food at a place called Court of Two Sisters. Of course we took my Wrangler; I mean if I am paying for it I am going to get my moneys worth. I never would have found this place if it hadn’t been for my friends that lived here, which was really cool cause the food was great. They serve an awesome Seafood Gumbo; I could eat here all weekend.

Anyway the plan is to go fishing in the morning, bright and early. Getting away from the house is great, and I haven’t travelled alone in some time. The guys charted this large fishing boat, so I will have to give you guys an update on Monday about how it goes. But hey a fishing trip can’t be bad, three guys on a boat in the Golf and a few drinks is the good life, right?

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