Saturday, July 9, 2011

Romancing Rafi pt.1

I wanted to surprise my beautiful and lovely girlfriend Ms. Hotness Alejandra with a romantic trip.

So, as usual, I went into the Rental Car Momma site to get my discount for renting a car. My surprise was that they were offering a nice coupon where you can get an extra discount. I picked my favorite company which was Budget, and got my 20% off coupon! It is super easy and user-friendly to pick a car…just punching the date I was going to pick up the car, then the drop off and put the coupon code (plus making sure to print the coupon for when I was going to pick it up) and click on the type of car I wanted, voila! The computer does its magic and in a blink of an eye I get in front of me the car!

I went to Budget’s pickup place and got my Ford Fusion, which to my surprise is a real slick and awesome ride. Plus the price wasn’t bad cause for the whole 5-days I got it for $50 per day with unlimited mileage, which was very convenient for what I had planned!

honeymoon island sunsetFirst stop, Ms. Hotness’ house. She lives in a very lovely residential area. Once I pull out to her driveway, she immediately comes out, guess she was waiting over the window. We both had our duffle-bags, some change of clothes and our swimwear, plus evening clothes for dancing and nice restaurant going out type of thing.

Then we headed to Honeymoon Island by the gulf and stayed there for the night. I got reservations beforehand in a nice hotel, with a view to the beach. In the morning, we both grab a little something for breakfast and headed to the beach. She was wearing this lovely bikini that had the Hawaiian flower as a designed white with red. She looked so incredibly stunning, as soon as she took off her little skirt-cover thingie, I was with my mouth open in awe! She looked at me and she just gave me that wicked smile that I was probably looking around. We dip into the beach, had fun throughout the day. I let her bury me into the sand and then we got into that outdoor restaurant that she liked so much and got some burgers and beer. We had two marvelous days of water and sand that totally was beautiful with her bronze tan!

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