Monday, July 18, 2011

Romancing Rafi pt.2

St.Augustine Fort
For the second part of the trip, we headed north to St. Augustine. It is a picturesque little town that had a huge Spanish influence. The town itself is very small, had this cozy feel to it. We arrived at the hotel, which had a very romantic bed & breakfast feel to it. She was very impress with the itinerary and was looking forward to a time just for the two of us. We just walked during the days and in the evenings we go to a different restaurant. The last night we made it to be extra special, so I was waiting in the lobby for her to show up. Let me tell you when this woman came out from the room into the lobby, even the lady in the front desk was looking at me as in “this is your lucky night, don’t mess it up!”, which I then had a sheepish smile. You betcha that I totally complimenting her, plus I brought a bouquet of flowers just for this occasion.

We went to this Spanish influenced restaurant and asked for one of their specialties, the paella! It is rice with seafood and also chicken and pork plus pieces of chorizo, it is totally to die for. We ordered it with some calamari for appetizers and a jar of homemade sangria. The weather was god-sent, with a little heat but with a soft whispering breeze that totally made the night awesome…I was thanking god and his angels for the skies because they were clear and you can see stars patching the sky, a romantic night to boot! They were also a couple of guitar players playing Spanish songs, and I don’t know, perhaps indeed this was my lucky night cause when they got into our table they were singing “besame, besame mucho…” well, you know the song…and both Alejandra and me looked at each other and laugh, but at the end I sort of play Mr. Smooth-guy and she totally couldn’t resist giving me a kiss.

So finally we finished the food, and then we walked outside and went into the shores a little, taking off our shoes. Then I stopped her and gave her the promise ring and she totally was in heaven.

Then it was time to get back, I drop her into her house and went to mine. It was a night that we still talk about it…of course; I am leaving a few details because there must be some private romantic stuff that I have to keep, wink, lol…

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