Wednesday, July 27, 2011

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s WharfSo my wife and I found ourselves in San Francisco over the weekend for another one of our business travels. This summer has been really harsh on those, but we always find a way to make our travels worth it. But this time we were only going to spend a day in the city before heading further south, so we decided we would head out and see the Golden Gate Bridge before leaving. Of course that meant we needed to rent a vehicle because the hotel/resort her business put us in was located in the airport. So we checked with RentalCarMomma again and saw this free upgrade on Enterprise airport rentals. So in no time at all we were in a Cadillac DTS heading for the bridge.

So it turns out the best place to see the bridge is from what they call the “Fisherman’s Wharf,” along the shore. In fact we saw Alcatraz island from there also. It’s practically a huge harbor with docks filled with all kinds of boats and water craft. They have a lot of restaurants in the area and me and my wife decided to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp for the night. We had a photographer take a picture of us with the bridge in the background, a pretty cool souvenir.

Then we decided to walk the pear to see the sea lions that are supposed to be there by the hundreds. But when we got the end we weren’t greeted by their loud shrieks or abundance. Instead it was dead quiet and empty, with one or two birds flying around. Turns out they are only there at certain times of the year. When we turned back we were greeted by a bunch of street performers. I mean they were on just about every corner doing some wild stuff. My wife was really enjoying the flame breather… is that what they are called?

Anyway for the short time we had to go check it out it was really fun. If I ever go back it will definitely be to check out more of the restaurants. If I had known you could get really fresh sushi and seafood there I would of eaten at one of the gourmet restaurants!

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