Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A trip to Daytona Beach

Jerky by the Pier at Daytona Beach
On my latest adventure to the beach I decided to use a coupon from National that I found on Rental Car Momma. It was a coupon for a free weekend day. You bet your butt I used that coupon to travel to Daytona Beach and live the high life for a weekend. It was a great time too. The trip wasn't that bad, only about an hour or so from Orlando. The trip was great to in our rental Camaro SS. That thing was bad. It had 350 horse power and a luxurious interior to couple that makes a sweet ride for any one that appreciates great sports or muscle cars. You will be able to see and experience this car for yourself when booking with National. They are an exclusive provider for the new camaro's in the rental car market. You will love this huge v8 and the amazing torque and sound that it provides. So book your rental car now and start enjoying what you have been missing for so many years.

You will find that Daytona Beach is one of the most popular beaches in America for a reason when you first stroll up to it's water side. There are miles of top rated hotels, bars and clubs right along the beach that you can visit or stop in to when you feel the need to get a little crazy. Don't hesitate to let your wild side out at this Florida hot spot. I had the time of my life traveling there. The water was amazing and the beach was very clean. You could even drive your car on the beach. So you bet you butt I drove our new camaro ss onto the sand and drove it like I stole it. It was a great time and I am surely gonna make another trip to Daytona in the near future. I had a lovely time bringing my wife and my lil bro to play in the sand and enjoy the water front view. The Sun was out so you bet I got my tan on while staying there. There were several drink/ and snack carts to cater to your any taste or desire so don't worry if you forgot the cooler at home like I did. You will be more than taken care of here.

Daytona Beach is home to many hot attractions besides just the beach. You can visit the one of a kind Daytona 500 and see what it's like for these sports car racers and the huge track that they fly around every year. Also you can visit a para sailing ride that takes place on the beach. You will get a great birds eye view of the area and be able to see out for miles. So make sure to stop in to the parasailing booth. Also, you an rent atv's, scooters and many more motorized vehicles on the beach that you can enjoy with your loved ones while staying there. So make sure to travel to Daytona and plan out your stay because there is just so much to do that it's crazy.

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