Friday, August 5, 2011

Mid American Air Museum in Kansas

Mid American Air MuseumSo we ended up heading to Kansas this week to meet up with one of our kids friends that moved away. We met their family through our sons and we made good friends. In a recent phone call she earnestly tried to get us to come up and visit. It really wasn’t one of those “I offered because it was polite” circumstances. So we decided, why not? We looked on RentalCarMomma and found a $35 off weekday deal. If you rent a car for more than five days on weekdays then you get a big discount. So off we headed to Kansas in an Infiniti with the whole family.

Anyway I can tell you all the boring information about how we traveled which was pretty plane and simple or I could tell you about what we got to do up there. You see the day after we got there they started telling us about what they had in the area to do. The first thing that caught the kid’s attention was the Mid America Air Museum. Now we had been to museums just like this, even a really big one in Virginia but the kids were all excited and it was inexpensive so we decided to go.

In fact it was only $7 bucks for each of us, that’s a whole lot cheaper than an amusement. This place is absolutely full of planes. I mean the information for an air museum usually boasts about the number of planes but there must have been a hundred here. As soon as we got in the kids had off and disappeared running down row after row of them. Heck they even had planes from World War One here.

I guess my point is that if you are in the Kansas area this is definitely worth the seven bucks a person. We must have taken a thousand pictures and still not captured all the planes. The kids really liked it and I am sure they learned something… probably “Planes are cool!” But I had fun to, so I have no regrets. We left at the end of the weekend to the worst pun, when we crossed over into Oklahoma my son said “We aren’t in Kansas anymore.”

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