Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer in Cali

Ms. hotness Alejandra and I been planning this trip like forever, finally the day has arrive! We are going for the first time to California. Exciting doesn’t come close!

After the jitters of luggage, “where is the camera?”, “did you have the tickets?”, “omg, I am forgetting the hair dryer!”, “pulled for a last minute shop”, we hopped in the plane and here we were arriving at San Francisco.

Then, we went to the counter and have our car, which was booked using Rental Car Momma. They have a super nice Alamo coupon that added a little extra discount on top of what they already showed, so it came at a affordable price. Since Alejandra is majorly into “going green” (she changed the light bulbs around the house and put those energy-saving ones, you know, the kind that looked like pretzel), I totally went to the Focus which is a hybrid. The price was not bad, especially for the summer $382.00

We drove south to a nice little cabins in the middle of the woods by Big Sur, California…which is a nice outdoorsy area. Once we reach there, we settle our luggage and things, and drop dead in the bed. We knew the flight was going to take a toll on us.

Big Sur

Next morning, we headed to the coast and then we book a charter boat that get us to experience whale watching. We depart very early, still was looking dark. Both the captain and his co-pilot (who happens to be his wife) were super-duper nice. We were altogether like 40 people on board, and there were some with ultra-professional cameras. We were ready with our Nikon Coolpix camera that we bought specifically for this trip. The waiting is what is killing, but once the captain thru the speakers said that they have a nice spot, we were all ready turning our cameras on. Alejandra, since you all know she is a pro in photography, she was all decked out, and I was with my ultra-light easy to use camera. Then, the moment came and we were all wowed with the spectacle, two killer whales, came on view doing like a somersault, like those that Shamu at sea world make, but seeing in the wild is more fantastic. Then we kept driving to the open sea and that’s where we saw a blue whale, in the far left of the boat. The captain was like soo thrill that he even came out and took a couple of pics too. His wife was then taking the helm and giving tips and incredibly awesome info on the whales. It was a totally immersive experience, one to remember!

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