Thursday, September 29, 2011

Millennium Park in Chicago

Cloud Gate or the BeanI found myself in Chicago over the weekend with my son and we decided it would be a good idea to do some site seeing. Neither of us wanted to sit in our room for a whole two days. So we rented a car from Enterprise, they have a $10 per day weekend deal that made it the perfect way to get around town. We got a Buick Regal and cruised around town checking out the restaurants and shopping in the area before heading over to the Millennium Park.

We were told by the waiter at the diner that if we wanted to get some stuff packed into our week then we had to go to Millennium Park. She said it was like the corner stone of the city. Inside the park you can find a wide variety of art pieces that you probably can’t find anywhere else. Unlike an art museum where an art piece can usually be found in an art case or hung on a wall; these pieces take on a much larger scale that is sometimes jaw dropping.

We were particularly interested in the Crown Fountain. It’s this huge four sided wall with an LED screen on it. It changes images and then spews out huge amounts of water. You wouldn’t believe how many kids were playing in the fountains water while we were there.

We of course also went through the Cloud Gate, a massive bean shaped… mirror? I am not sure what they use for reflective material but this huge bean is mind numbing. It reflects the entire Chicago Skyline and when you walk through the middle of it you somehow can also see the sky. Something about bending light and stuff… all too far over my head but it’s really a neat attraction.

There are plenty of other exhibits in the park, but I could go on for hours talking about it all. My son and I really enjoyed it and would really suggest visiting the Millennium Park if you ever finding yourself in the Chicago area.

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