Thursday, September 8, 2011

San Diego - Part Two

Trattoria FirenzeNext, we drove all the way north to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. Since you all know Alejandra is a major photographer, and she likes old pictures, and she does those effects rather well. One of her secret love affairs have to do with photographing old timers lighthouses. She has pictures of the one up north in New England, and also in north Carolina and Florida, and the spooky one in Oregon. She was very thrill about taking a picture of this one in San Diego. I would say that this one takes the cake in terms of being spooky, because it was a bit foggy all of a sudden.

We didn’t stay too long cause we had a couple's only spa reservation. We drove to our appointment. It was a nice secluded place that was closer to Ocean Beach area. Ms Hotness Alejandra, soon to be Mrs. Yours truly, and I got into our room. Let me just say for the record that is really hard to concentrate when such a stunning beauty is on your side. And to top it all off, taking a massage as well! At one point we felt like little green man and woman, and then they applied those warm towels to get us off from the fungus/algae stuff....then, these two Chinese women came to the room and started the actual massage. Oh-my’s-freaking-god, lets say that I will kiss the ground they walk. You feel like going to cloud nine and all muscles relax that we were getting sleepy. What a peaceful place and i will do it in a heart-beat, without thinking, this is totally recommended!

After the awesome time at the spa, we went to the hotel and change. We wanted to have a real taste for the Italian, so we went to little Italy. Once you pass I-805 onto Balboa Avenue, you'll feel as if you were in Italia! The concierge at the hotel, told us about this awesome Italian restaurant called Trattoria Firenze. The service and the food was all phenomenal. The server was from a family that was originally from Calabria in a town called Scilla. He was so funny and certainly you can sense a bit of Sicilian in him. As usual, I asked for linguini alle Vongole, which was to die for, I was grabbing a piece of fresh warm bread made at the house and use it to get the last sauce of the clams. The guys got rave reviews of their food as well, so we all had an amazing time. The girls decided to end the evening with a Tiramisu and also espresso soaked ladyfingers layered with mascarpone cheese and fresh whipped cream. You can see in their faces that they were having once of those ultra sensory experience!

This first day in San Diego are leaving me to know more about this amazing city, definitely we are having awesome fun, and the drive has been great. Better is that we got really good discounts which help us getting nice gifts to the family!

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