Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bozeman Montana

Bozeman MontanaWe found ourselves taking a vacation to one of the finest places in the whole US, Bozeman Montana. My wife has been planning this trip for so long that we were well prepared ahead of time with plans for our trip. From biking to hiking, fishing to visiting every great restaurant in town, we had the whole thing planned down to the last day.

When we arrived at Bozeman we picked up our vehicle from Budget before heading to our lodgings. I am sure you already have guessed that we got a great deal when we rented it from Rental Car Momma. Rental Car Momma always makes our vacations more affordable, it’s just down right smart to use them.

Anyway the biggest part of Bozeman is all the beautiful landscape from Yellowstone National Park. We spent our first day cruising the lowlands on rented bikes and stopping to take pictures every half mile. A little warning before hand, if you want to go bike riding realize that the farther downhill you go, the farther up hill you will have to travel when returning. Yellowstone is awesome, especially when you get down to the river, where the water is crystal clear and they are just teeming with fish.

I guess that launches me into the second day’s adventure. My wife let me take the kids out and teach them how to go fly fishing. I had this big grand scheme in my head about how we were going to eat like kings but when I thought about brining the fish back to the hotel to be gutted I reconsidered. So, we did a bit of catch and release and then decided to go out for seafood that night at a place called Ferraro’s Fine Italian Restaurant and Lounge, were we feasted into the night.

We did more exploring of Yellowstone over the next few days, just one awesome adventure after the other. Its not every day you wake up to your kids strapping on boots and waiting for you to wake up and head out the door to go hiking. Well worth the trip for a family vacation.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Atlanta Georgia’s Cyclorama

Atlanta's CycloramaNow I know I have written about Atlanta in the past but just seems to me like I keep passing through this great city. Maybe that’s because so many roads pass through it that you can’t help but get a glimpse of the place whenever you visit the south… which happens to be my home. So I guess there is good reason for them to call it the “Gateway to the South,” I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

Anyway this time on my way home from business I was driving a Chevy Aveo that I had rented before landing. They had a deal where you could save fifty bucks on the rental car if you rented it from the airport. I don’t have to say it because you already know but I found that great discount on’s website. Anyway as I was passing through Atlanta the sun started to go down. With almost eight more hours of driving to go I figured it would be best to take a rest and spend the night there.

Well when I woke up in the morning it was ten o’clock, I had really made no effort to get out of bed so I decided I would do something in the city before heading home. I heard about this really great place that pays tribute to the civil war. If you aren’t a history buff then you don’t know that Atlanta was pretty much wiped out during the Civil War, so you can find historical monuments and memorials just about everywhere you look here.

But this particular place is known as the Atlanta Cyclorama. You sit in the middle of a room and a stage surrounds you. When they start it up the stage starts to rotate and you get to see this incredible panorama of the war. In order to bring the war to life they use sound, music and these incredible hand made soldiers. They are like life sized dolls that were carefully made to depict the war. Anyhow the Cyclorama was a really short experience, but it was really fun to check out to. Of course there were lots of souvenirs to buy afterwards, so I took some things home for the family.

If you got some free time on your hands in Atlanta be sure to visit the Cyclorama, it was well worth it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Detroit Michigan Part Two

The Fly Ball Ferris Wheel!We started out by going to COMERICA PARK MUSEUM (Detroit Tigers). We got into the park to get into the museum and found that there's a lot more to see in the ballpark. we got inside a booth from the "Fly Ball Ferris Wheel".
Alejandra wanted to experience the Carousel and sit down in one of the 30 tigers that has it, that was pretty cool. plus i took pictures with the statues that aligned the left field wall, i was so thrilled to take a picture of Ty Cobb! still waiting for my "Sparky" Anderson statue!!

Then, we headed to FORD FIELD (Detroit Lions). We both are major Football fans, so we went to the game of these newly revamp Lions vs the Bears. Oh boy oh boy! all i have to say is that watch out Green Bay, cause is not going to be easy this year to head to the Super Bowl...Alejandra and i am rooting for my Pats! I have to say that if you find a woman who likes football as much as you, marry her! and that's what i intend to do!!

We were pretty bumped out that our beloved Tampa Bay Lightnin' didnt make it to the Stanley Cup, but at least Canada has to wait another year to see if they can lift the cup! We attended the JOE LOUIS ARENA (Red
Wings) and there's no greatest team in hockey history then the Red Wings.
Just the name recalls a long history of parades and cups! we got some tickets for the game vs the Canucks, so we were very excited to attend the game. plus, alejandra and i got some jerseys so we can feel part of the fans!

i wanted to do something romantic for Ms Hotness, so the lobby concierge told me about this italian restaurant called BACCO RISTORANTE. At the restaurant entrance it has a pretty nice explanation that bacco is the Roman God of Wine. We were escorted to the outdoor patio and the night was superb, the moon was shining and the temperature was around mid 60s, which was excellent. We both love italian food, so Alejandra asked for the spaghetti allo scoglio (or spaghetti with custaceans), and i ordered Tagliolini alle vongole (the pasta is similar to the fettuccini, and vongole are clams).
While we waited for the food, we got our crispy bread. it was crunchy in the outside but inside was soft and as you put the butter, it was melting, so good was that we were asking the waiter that at the end we wanted to bring to our room a little more of that bread! the food was so good and amazing that we both were laughing cause we caught each other licking our fingers!

Detroit was a fascinating city! there was a lot that we couldn't see, but i guess we will leave that for the next time we travel here. we had fun and it was a terrific time of the year to be here. Hopefully the Tigers will win their games and head to the World Series!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Detroit Michigan

Henry Ford MuseumSo, it has been quite a while that Ms Hotness Alejandra and i went out on vacation. This time, we wanted to experience a little bit of North Central part of the country. We decided to go to Detroit, Michigan, which is home to the Tigers in baseball, the unbeaten Lions in NFL, and Cup-crazy Red Wings in NHL. Plus, there's that little thing called the place where the automobile was born!

After arriving into the airport, we headed to the Thrifty booth to pickup our car. Since Alejandra is a major "green" savvy woman, we got a Ford Focus, which is a fuel saving car! As usual, we both like using this nifty website, rentalcarmomma, which sounds funny but definitely got major discounts on our car. We arrived at the hotel and we settle in, plus rest is good cause we were very much hassled with the change of planes and the trip.

Since we both love history, we decided to first visit the museums, and there's two that sparked our attention:

the first one was the HENRY FORD MUSEUM where they have very good exhibits one about the presidential vehicles featuring vehicles that drove presidents kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Ike (Dwight Eisenhower); also the heroes of the sky exhibit that has the Brother's Wright replica airplane, 1926 Fokker Trimotor which was used by Richard Byrd the first who went flying to the North Pole, and a replica of the plane Lindbergh flew, the Spirit of St. Louis. the one that impressed us was the With liberty and justice for all exhibit that showcase anything from the civil rights starting from the beginning of the country til present day. Incredible with the rosa park bus, the chest and camp bed that President George Washington use, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, a model T that shows how people wanted to allowed women to vote, and much more.

the second one was the MOTOWN HISTORICAL MUSEUM that features the story of Motown sound around the 1960s. Within the confines of this building you can find equipment and things used by the greatest singers of our era. Alejandra and I are majored Marvin Gaye fans, plus we get our dosis of Jackson 5, and well, Alejandra can sing at the top of her lungs every single time Aretha sings "Respect", and i love Stevie Wonder, so we like the oldies Motown sound! They were having a nice exhibit about Esther Gordy Edwards who was Berry Gordy's sister and die this year at age 91.

Another thing that Ms Hotness Alejandra and i share is that we both love sports. it is without saying that prior to getting here, we bought tickets to some sports venue.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunday Funday

Well Sunday was coming up so I had to do it big, you know how it goes. So we started planning our trip to Daytona Beach. It was forecast to be a great day with sunshine and warm water. So we loaded up Sunday morning and we did it big. We rolled out 8 cars deep, everyone of them being 240's, while we drove we had a inline 6 symphony blaring when we rolled down the highway. There is nothing like 1jz and rb25 in the morning,mmmmm inline 6 for the win. So as we drove to Daytona we made a couple pit stops to get our cars a little sideways of course. It was all in good fun and no one broke anything, thank God. It was around 9 o clock when we finally reached the beach, the sun was out and the weather was amazing, I couldn't have asked for a better day. I had a blast as the day grew on. We set up shop on the beach with umbrellas, chairs and our coolers....LIKE A BOSS! We were running that strip like nobody's business. You would have had to been there to understand the amount of WIN. Many people stopped by and asked about our cars while they were parked on the beach. Daytona is a really cool beach where you can drive up to the water. So we enjoyed sharing our information and our cars as well. Luckily the sand was nice and packed in so we didn't get stuck. We played frisbee and football in the sun. I got my tan on and couldn't have been happier. We shared the amazing drinks of awesomenesss out of that cooler like it was a gift from Heaven. Life was simple and we enjoyed every minute of it to say the least. There's nothing like gettin out and postin up at the beach like a goon and enjoying mother nature like that.

So the day was coming to an end but our fun wasn't. We decided to meet up at the Wing House there and enjoy some of the best wings on Earth while we shared some pitchers of cold brew. None of the drivers drank of course. We caught the end of some football game that was on, so that was pretty cool. All in all Wing House rocked and so did those Garlic Parmesian Wings. We departed the eating establishment and headed towards home. The 240 was hitting 35 psi of boost and we were ripping through the gears like Frankenstein on PCP. No children were taken hostage on this venture. We got home about 9 pm and we just passed out, it was a long day and a very fun day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kings Canyon National Park

General Grant TreeI took my kids with me to California to meet their great grandfather and do some site seeing. But it costs quite a bit to take my two kids and I over to California. Thankfully with the airlines rewards program it was pretty affordable, but what really saved us money was our rental car from Rental Car Momma. We found a great deal from Budget where we could get a Sunday rental for free. So we rented the car for three days and only paid for two, it was great.

Anyway my grandfather was telling the kids about how he used to take me over to Kings Canyon National Park when I was a kid. So I decided it would be a good idea to take my kids out there to see it as well. The best part about National Parks is that they usually are free or cost only a small fee of three or five bucks. So in the grand scheme of things this was a really inexpensive trip.

The one thing that I remember about the park was the General Grant Tree. So that’s the first place I took my kids. I don’t remember all the history behind it but it definitely is different then all the rest. The tree is a giant sequoia tree that you can see from miles away. It’s huge in comparison to the rest of the trees in the area and was the perfect place for pictures and lunch. With the General Grant Tree around it would be pretty hard to get lost in these woods.

We spent an entire day walking around the forest and looking at the scenery. My kids were especially impressed by the mountains in the area. We saw the Kearsarge Pinnacles and even made it over to Dusy Basin, a large lake that fills up with rain water. There was a lot more to see but you can only travel so far on foot in one day. You could spend days at Kings Canyon and still not see all the key locations at the park.