Monday, October 3, 2011

Kings Canyon National Park

General Grant TreeI took my kids with me to California to meet their great grandfather and do some site seeing. But it costs quite a bit to take my two kids and I over to California. Thankfully with the airlines rewards program it was pretty affordable, but what really saved us money was our rental car from Rental Car Momma. We found a great deal from Budget where we could get a Sunday rental for free. So we rented the car for three days and only paid for two, it was great.

Anyway my grandfather was telling the kids about how he used to take me over to Kings Canyon National Park when I was a kid. So I decided it would be a good idea to take my kids out there to see it as well. The best part about National Parks is that they usually are free or cost only a small fee of three or five bucks. So in the grand scheme of things this was a really inexpensive trip.

The one thing that I remember about the park was the General Grant Tree. So that’s the first place I took my kids. I don’t remember all the history behind it but it definitely is different then all the rest. The tree is a giant sequoia tree that you can see from miles away. It’s huge in comparison to the rest of the trees in the area and was the perfect place for pictures and lunch. With the General Grant Tree around it would be pretty hard to get lost in these woods.

We spent an entire day walking around the forest and looking at the scenery. My kids were especially impressed by the mountains in the area. We saw the Kearsarge Pinnacles and even made it over to Dusy Basin, a large lake that fills up with rain water. There was a lot more to see but you can only travel so far on foot in one day. You could spend days at Kings Canyon and still not see all the key locations at the park.

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