Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Everything Stays in Vegas!

Ms Hotness Alejandra and I were thinking in a way to be a bit overboard, so we ultimately decided that Vegas will be it! You know, in total honesty, we were heading for the “whatever stays in Vegas stays in Vegas” motto that we hear so much in their advertisement!

In our reservations, that is always recommended to do it ahead of time, we went to our nifty little website rentalcarmomma where we found our car, a Ford Focus. We always find great prices, and this time was no exception, $206.89, which is a terrific price! We also found discounts for Vegas shows, and we made our reservations as well!

Once we reach to Vegas, we picked up our car, and then headed to our hotel, which was located in the famous Strip. This is a whole street that goes north to south where all the major hotels are located. It is often cited as the place where all the action takes place. And once we got there, we saw how big is really the street, and feels like you can walk like two or three blocks and that is what a hotel area will be!

We reach at the hotel, after going thru a few twist and turns in our Ford Focus. We were doing our own kinda city sightseeing. We stopped to the famous Caesars Palace, and all I can say is how incredibly huge is. Plus, inside, we posed with some of the statues. We decided to go to the top of the stratosphere tower. Let me tell you, we bought the tickets for the SkyJump. Ms Hotness Alejandra and I are thrill seeker junkies, so we wanted to do this one for a long time. There we were, (to be honest) we both were peeing in our pants, cause that thing is off-the-hook! You stand in the ledge, followed by a “Yippie-kay-yay (you know what follow after that!)”, floating and then when you get to a certain part of the more than 108 floors between you and the sidewalk, you reach the land safely. To be in total hyper-adrenaline-induce-wowed-ness is an understatement! Alejandra was shaking, and I was trying to be my “Da Rock” suaveness and be in good hands! Since Alejandra is a major photographer, we decided to take pictures from the observatory of the entire Las Vegas. It looks really awesome from upstairs, so it is a great view of the entire city!

SkyJump Aaaahhhh!!!

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