Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skiing in North Carolina

The Ski resort at the Appalachian Mountain ResortWith snow just beginning to fall around the U.S. the slopes in North Carolina just opened up. Now our family has made a point to go up and visit every year, we even have a time share in the area. So this year we packed our bags and headed north. We rented a Ford Escape from Budget at almost 30% off from the Rental Car Momma website. Budget even helped us pick out a vehicle for the sure to be slippery roads in North Carolina.

Let me tell you there is nothing like taking a ski down the slopes after a fresh snow. My guess is that this is everyone’s end of the year vacation dream. We arrived late at night and slept till late in the morning. If you want to get to the fresh slopes you have to get there early, because they get torn up by other skiers though out the day. Suffice to say when we arrived at noon there wasn’t much left of that fresh morning feel for us to enjoy. But that didn’t stop us from having a great day.

We visited the Appalachian Ski Mountain lodge this year, the same as we did last year. They have four slopes and last year we really enjoyed it. We skied the slopes for three days while enjoying the local food and hospitality. The ski lodge had a full dining hall with a roaring fire and of course… overpriced food. But after a day of skiing the food was a great way to end it and the warm drinks were perfect.

If you’re looking to go skiing there are hundreds of places to go. But if you ask me there is no better spot than North Carolina, that’s just my preference.

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