Friday, December 2, 2011

More Fun in Vegas!

We then decided to go to the end of the strip and take the famous picture with the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. It is located south of Mandalay Bay, and there’s tons of tourists there taking their shot at that sign. It is so famous that if you don’t take a picture with that sign, you haven’t gone to Vegas! So after brushing off with the traffic and escaping, we finally got to the sign, and it was in time for the late-afternoon turn-on-the-lights moment. We asked a lady kindly if she can take the picture of Alejandra and me, and we were beaming huge smiles. We did one where I was pinching her little tail and she was slapping me for being frisky, a little Vegas naughtiness!

O by Cirque du Soleil
It was time to get to the show “O”, which was getting lots of reviews. It is a show made by the famous Cirque du Soleil, who happens to have a show here in Orlando FL calls La Nouba. Everything that is said is ten-times more. We were totally immerse in their work and talents, it was amazing just what they could do, and the end is totally to stand up in ovation which is what everyone did!

We decided to do a little romantic rendezvous at the Venetian Hotel. They have recreated a section with bridges that recreates the Italian town of Venetia, which is famous for being the top romantic destination in the world! We hope into this boat, called gondola, and started going thru the canal, while our driver was serenading one of Dino’s song: “When the moon hits your eye Like a big-a pizza pie That's amore”.

In Las Vegas they truly can say that the night is young, we went to eat in a cozy and wonderful restaurant called Valentino Restaurant, and we tried their amazing Chef’s Extravaganza, which is a combination of 10-plates that are to die for! We were in cuisine-heaven, the chef himself even came to our table and asked us if everything was great, which was totally gracious and wonderful from him.

To end our first evening, Ms Hotness and I decided to go to the incredibly awesome Paris tower, which is a very romantic place as well. We went to the top, and took pictures, and asked a couple of tourist to take pics of us two. I was beaming with a huge smile, especially to be with this lovely woman, which can’t wait to marry her!

We were totally impressed with our first day in this immersive city. Can’t wait to see more and enjoy. The good thing is that since Vegas is a bit expensive; we saved quite a bit with our friends at Rental Car Momma!

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