Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving in Georgia

4 wheelin' around
The week before Thanksgiving i was getting ready for a trip to visit my family that i have been so excited for all year. Of course i would not only get into a car accident, but they need a whole week to fix the bumper and hood. This is my luck, so fortunately i pre-booked my rental car on RentalCarMomma before they sold out for the busy holiday. I got the whole week with a Ford Focus for my trip for 178.00. I had room for all my luggage and was very comfortable so it worked out to my advantage in the end. I was headed for a small (one stop light) town right outside of Valdosta Georgia called Morven. You would think that the day before Thanksgiving people would be traveling and traffic would be a nightmare but it was not to bad on my 4 hour drive straight up 75.

It was a very uneventful drive with a lot of built up anticipation for the feast the next day. My whole family lives there on the farm that we have had for as long as anyone can remember and thanksgiving is the best time of year for me because of my family's unusual traditions. We have 3 huge tables full of food and one full desert table that my grandma and her 8 brothers and sisters prepare for all of us (a ton of children and grandkids). I think about this food all year long! We have a couple turkeys that my brother collects off the farm and a ton of catfish from my dad in Okeechobee FL. We begin eating around noon and don't stop until late with some breaks in-between. After all the cousins and siblings are done eating the fun really begins. We set fire to a burn pile that my brother collects for all year and that is our "base". We all load up on the fourwheelers and dirtbikes and play hide and go seek on the 400 acres that isn't used for farming till we are to tired to play anymore.

How is the game played? One person gets on the dirtbike and the rest are on fourwheelers. We then hide deep into the woods and wait to be found, or you can run from the person until he catches you. This is how my family spends thanksgiving night. The next morning all the boys get up and head for the woods and hunt until my grandma gets up and lets us all know breakfast is ready. She cooks enough food for an army but somehow it is always gone by 10 o clock am. Then the boys go clean the mornings catch and begin preparing that for dinner along with what ever the women decided to throw together. This goes on until Sunday morning when we all have to say goodbye until Easter. Luckily I found such a reasonable rental car on RentalCarMomma or i would have missed family tradition of Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An awesome trip to Colorado!

Denver Colorado
So the gang was more than surprised to be taking the trip to Colorado. We made our itineraries about a year ago…we even, send a request to the visit Colorado to check the interested places and attractions and did a list of everything we wanna hit. So, seating in the plane was totally amazing specially to see the scenery change from flats to mountains. Once we arrived Denver, we headed to the airport desk of Thrifty, which was the company we pick for the car, since it was giving us a wonderful price. I have to be honest, I was a first apprehensive of being in charge of the getting discounts and doing the reservations, but it was sucha breeze with the help of RentalCarMomma. With the print out copy of the reservation, which we didn't have to put anything for deposit (which was surprising and at the same time so awesome for our budget), we got there, pay and then head to take the car. It was a Ford Escape that was appropriate since it was the five of us, and our luggage. We decided to stay in the vicinity to Colorado Springs, which was centric and at the same time close in distance to the things we wanted to do.

We decided to rest and chill out from the trip, which was a bit tiresome. Next day, we hit the road early in the morning and headed toward Boulder, which was a few minutes away from us…we found the place, and we were directed to this open field where a huge multicolored balloon was being readied for us. You see, we never have done ballooning before, so we were decked out, since it was cold, and it was something the reservations lady told us before. Jackets and gloves and scarfs were all full swing. We even bought a nice chilled bottle Chardonnay. And the girls came with some crackers and two cans one of pate and the other of caviar. We wanted to make this special, since a couple of the guys were celebrating their anniversaries. This time around, I was totally since. But it was funny that with the group we were schedule to be included with this brother and sister that we all hit it off pretty good…the brother was a riot, funny as hell, cracking jokes left and right that we all couldn't hold it chuckling and having a heck of a time…but she was out of this world!!! Star Wars fan (later at the end of the conversation she even said she went to comic-con dressed as Princess Leia in her Jabba the Hutt slave bikini, which I was open-mouthed and she even have to close it playfully hehehe), she was majoring in Psychology, and she was very likable, so much that the girls in the group were like pushing each other to the side and taking pictures of the two of us, I was like telling my girl friends not too over stretch it…but she was sucha wonderful sport, and at one moment up high, she was even telling us where they were going to visit, which to our surprise and major coincidence where exactly the places we were going. They had family here, but they came from Boston, MA (which was another beautiful surprise to her that I live for a while there). It was a swift way up, but it was a very slow progressive trip down…but, I totally recommend the view, it was super, and because it was near the mountains, you can see the beautiful scenery that Colorado is famous for…totally a terrific experience. We share our drinks with the new friends, and they even carried some other treats as well that surely were delightful (that Jedi Hawtness was also a culinary chef!)

So, the two new members of the group where saying about this terrific Italian place called Radda. At first, we all kinda look at each other cause it was in a mall by Boulder, it was a bit off the tourist area to be honest, but it didn't have that wow effect, if you know what I mean. However, since they knew more about the area then us, we let it go. We were escorted by our maitre and we were seated. This is were I would have to say, I will eat again. This place totally rocks. Servers were nice and the food was totally amazing. We could recommend this place blindly!

Our ride back to the hotel was was a good thing that we have our SUV. The scenery here in Colorado is simply breathtaking and the sights and sounds of Colorado Springs is quiet and relaxing. We couldn't have gotten a better place! The people are overall friendly and since this is tourist area, but at the same time fill with locals during this time, it has a nice blend of people from all over the states. We already met some people from California, and Vermont, plus a couple on their honeymoon from Boston, and us from Florida, so you can see it is a nice blend. The weather, even tho it is cold from our Floridian stand-point, it is awesome and comfortable. We were wearing our jackets and our boots, termos are a given cause at night the wind packs a little gusts that sort of gets in between your clothing. Once we already gotten into our room, we were preparing for our next part of the trip. We overheard that there was a few snows on the hills, so that means that skiing season is underway and that I cannot wait to enjoy, it's been a long time that I have not tried it, and certainly the guys and girls are looking forward to it. Since we got the phone number of miss Princes Leia, I will surely ask her if she and her brother wants to join us on our skiing part of the trip. And that I cannot wait to see...her delicious warm smile and her amazing personality, surely two things that stand out...but the one that really was sealing the label of stunning was her intelligent conversation! That certainly was the highlight and I cannot wait to keep talking to her!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dancin' in Atlanta

My sister talked me into riding with her to Atlanta Georgia for her dance competition coming up in a couple weeks, and i knew i was going to be in for a long weekend. We decided to drive her car and just hit the road and not rest until we arrive. Channing assured me that i am just along for the ride and she would not drag me into the clubs with her but i was not counting on it. I should have known better than to believe her.

So we leave on a Saturday morning and head straight for our hotel. We got to the Georgia line and noticed that the air was very hot in the air conditioner so we decided to pull over in Valdosta GA. Upon inspection, we came to the conclusion that the compressor had went out on my sisters car and we are only 4 hours from home and at this point it is high noon and the heat is in the 90's. After wasting 2 hours with no fix for the car, I was ready to call my mom and have her come get us. Luckily my sister found a website and we were able to reserve a car last minute and pick it up about 6 miles down the road. It was a nice size standard car so we had plenty of room for her 3 suitcases and various make up and costume bags and for only 139.99 for the week, I was ecstatic.

Once we are back on the road it was a very uneventful but comfortable ride. We stopped a couple times for stretch or bathroom breaks. When we arrived at the hotel we got checked in and set up for the next morning and after exploring the downtown nightlife with the rest of the dancers, which was very eventful. Watching Channing try to get up and ready was the best part in the morning and saying I told you so. After a not-so well rested night it was time for the big dance competition. I was one of the crazies seen running around back stage with tu-tu's, hair spray and tights chasing dancers around with dangerous amounts of glitter and false lashes. It was quite an eventful day and in the end, it turned out to be a good trip. Now we just have to make it home and she was very tired from her long day of dancing and so I decided to test out the rental car with my NASCAR driver tendencies. The car was very clean and did not look very used, I was very happy with my rental car. Not only was it a nice and clean, well ran car but it was so economical. It turned my vacation around completely.

Monday, August 20, 2012

road trip...Gulfport Mississippi

Things didn’t work between me and Ms. Hotness Alejandra, so I started my free single life again…and, after a few misses, I was in the line for the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey in Island of Adventure, when low and behold, I was talking to this incredibly witty lady, Ms. Hotness Bayou! We talked during the line until it was our turn to get into the ride, and when you get to the part where you are said “party of…?”, we looked at each other and laugh and said at the same time “party of two”…we had sucha blast that after the ride, we swap phone numbers and we ended up spending the whole day together. She had to go back to MS, which was sad, but well, that is life!

We been talking ever since non-stop and things have progress that we made plans to see each other again, but this time in her turf. Since she lives closer to Metairie, i decided traveling thru Louis Armstrong Int’l Airport, which is in New Orleans. I rented a vehicle from my favorite website RentalCarMomma which offers amazing discounts. I originally picked a Chevy Aveo, the price was awesome about $95.00 total, but for $6.00 bucks more I can get a Ford Focus! So, I went with the Focus!

Courtyard Gulfport

So I head an hour from New Orleans, LA to Gulfport, MS…awesome scenic view of the North Gulf Coast which is totally different from the Florida Gulf coast. We decided to meet at a nice hotel that is by the coast, which will start our own vacation. I lend her the car, cause she is more knowledgeable of the roads and the whereabouts of everything. We stayed at the Courtyard Gulfport Beachfront, which has rooms with a nice relaxing feel.

The next day we hit the road and went thru the highway 10 heading West toward Diamondhead Airport, then we stopped by a port nearby and got into her boat, a nice change of pace, never thought this lady had some surprises up her sleeve…she was wearing a flowery dress, that when the light hit her revealed her bikini, all I have to say is God’s masterpiece! We got into Jourdan River, which is awesome to look at and another sight of the bayou. It is a very serpentine river, but it has a nice length, plus Ms. Hotness Bayou was telling me that there’s a section with restaurants and other stores that makes it frequented by locals. That I do definitely like, that local feel! We hit this section that has a little shore and found a couple of boats in there, so she parked hers on the side, and we stripped to our bathing suits and hop in the water…we stayed in the water for a while and then relax in the shore getting a little suntan, we put some sun bronzing lotions (which let me tell you, was sucha thrill cause she had the most soothing/suave skin). When the sun was beginning to set, some couple came to us and asked us if we could take a picture of them with the sunset and we asked them if they can do the same for us. After that, she took the boat to another place in the river where they have the famous Jourdan River Steamer Restaurant! It is funny that there’s a waiter that was asking if we were going to seat or stayed in the boat, since the weather was awesome and the night was lovely, we decided to be in the boat, plus it gave us the little bit of privacy we needed. We got first our bowl of Seafood Gumbo (which she told me is the best in the area!) and then we asked for a huge serve of a mix between clams and mussels, oh my god man that was to die for…they usually go out in the wee hours of the morning and get those freshly fishy goodies! The famous bayou dish Gumbo was awesome with that irreplaceable Louisianan spicy kick.

I felt pretty good with the way the vehicle handled the road, and made me feel comfortable and happy about taking that upgrade and for that awesome discount way much happier!

This was the start of an amazing vacation between the two of us and I felt pretty good that the chemistry we felt on that first time we met and also on our conversations was palpable the whole day. At the beginning we were a bit nervous and as the day progressed we became more and more comfortable, and tomorrow I have planned a few things to (as a famous bayou son will say) “kick it up a notch!”

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thanksgiving in Vegas

Green Valley Ranch
Last Thanksgiving I decided to schedule a spur of the moment trip to Las Vegas with my family and so over the course of a week i planned everything down to what we are having for Thanksgiving dinner. On the flight there I was very anxious about how the trip would turn out. We walked in to The Green Ranch Resort and it was a lot more than i expected. They had a mall, casino and over 15 restaurants along with the biggest rooms i've seen by far. It was not right on the strip but a couple blocks away.(They wouldn't be able to fit this place on the strip) We went sight seeing for the first couple days and on the third day my sister decided not to join us on the adventure for the day. We went to the strip and had a look around for a while and then went over to the Hoover Dam. When we returned home my sister was complaining that she felt very itchy and needed some Benadryl so we decided that we wanted to rent a car instead of just using a taxi service like the previous days. Upon searching for Rental car companies in the area online i ran across RentalCarMomma. Wow it made the trip because we had the freedom to to separate and do our own thing or all go to dinner after a long day at the casino. The car was so inexpensive so i couldn't go wrong. $336.85 for the week and i got a smaller car for a weeks time. When planning the vacation i didn't reserve one so i thought that finding one for Thanksgiving weekend would be a hassle. It was fairly easy finding a pick up location and the right car on RentalCarMomma. The rest of the trip was a lot of fun and we even got to go into Arizona and explore a little bit. Me and my sister really enjoyed the night life and Thanksgiving dinner. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trip to the Florida Keys

I recently got invited on a trip to Key Largo and Key West for a week long adventure with my long time boyfriend, his mom Kim and his younger sister Ashleigh . I was not aware that this would such a long and scary adventure and i am a complete wuss. First we had to find a rental car big enough to fit my bf and all 3 girls with our 3 suitcases each. I thought i would have a lot more trouble but a friend had previously told me to check with Rental Car Momma and see if that was any help with finding a minivan to use for the trip. I found a rental minivan thru Thrifty in seconds with plenty room so we were comfortable and only 269.99 for the whole week!

So we are on the road into Key largo and it is literally a 2 lane highway with ocean on both sides! Once we arrived in Largo we headed straight for the snorkeling tour and Boy was it a blast. We went out to the site in a glass bottom boat seeing a Ray and some very colorful fish but nothing like what we saw when we got to jump into the water to snorkel. In key largo we also got to go on a fishing charter and got to go far off the coast and snorkel down pretty deep to see a life size statue of Jesus that was a home to millions and millions of schools of fish. After 4 days of sun and sand we were about ready to head over to key west (which is 6 more hours). The reason for the 3 stop trip was because his mother was very interested in the history of the keys and for the most part Key west itself. We made in at late night and went straight to bed.

The next morning at the top of things to do was a old creepy museum to see The Enchanted Robert Doll. He is a legend in Key West for haunting a very old house in the heart of town. We spend most of the day exploring some creepy museums and graveyards and all night. We decided to go do a ghost tour and to a old Theater that has a strong no smoking policy once inside. The reason for the policy is because it had been purposely burnt down and they bad past experiences with people getting hurt in side the building if they has lit a cigarette by unknown causes. Well of course my boyfriend knowing the strict policy lights a cigarette and nothing happened so we thought. Well maybe the ghost must not be here tonight. WE WERE SO WRONG!!! While walking back the car from the theater, Kim's leg started itching so bad it had became hard to walk so we stopped under a light pole and took a look. She has a huge rash from her ankle to her thigh on one side and the other was growing rapidly. When we seen this everyone turned around and we rushed back to the guide. He told us this happens a lot and they are starting to reconsider letting people into the theater anymore. He showed us other pictures of people with the same rash from the same Haunted Theater. If you guys are ever in Key West, you have to go see this tour. I am still having nightmares.

Friday, June 1, 2012

San Antonio

It has been a while since Alejandra and I did something...and I was waiting for the moment to do something out of the spur of the moment. As I was thinking in that "...spur of the moment", and watching the San Antonio Spurs getting a tight win over OKC, I said to myself that San Antonio could be a great place! that is why I did a surprise trip to San Antonio with ms Hotness (getting hotter by the minute, I am telling you) Alejandra!

It was going to be only 4-days, so we made arrangements in advance with our favorite website for car rental, RentalCarMomma, and we found a great price even for holidays/summer vacation $21 per day, which is not bad specially considering that it was a Ford Focus, and we even got it as an upgrade which warrants a super special price!!

I made awesome reservations to the Omni La Mansion del Rio, a wonderful hotel to really spend a lovely romantic stay!

So, we run our car, which had unlimited mileage, and arrive to our hotel room. What a room! A lovely overview to the river. and a wonderful romantic atmosphere to boot, what a perfect pick. We were ready to have a wonderful and amazing time.

In our research, we found out that San Antonio is not only home to the Alamo, but has a awesome cultural (rather we say Multicultural) history with museums and other places to visit. Plus, a night life that is great to have a romantic evening with the woman I love! Ms Hotness was “what you up to boy?!” and with that killer smile of hers, I was almost on the verge of spilling the surprises I have in store, but I was in control of the situation and that is the key to a woman falling at your feet!

The first stop was The Alamo. No other place has so much history and powerful messages than this “little” place. It’s comprise of several buildings that tell the story of the amazing men and women who gave their lives for freedom and for defending their families. Alejandra, as you all know, is a great photographer. She took amazing pictures of the building and several awesome things that we saw on the guided tour. One thing I should say, the friendliness of the people of San Antonio. Since they saw us both, they were like asking us if we wanted them to take a picture of us, which was awesome so we have pictures of us two cuddling up romantics.

We went then to the Natural Bridge Caverns, which was an awesome highlight of the trip. We both got a lot of people telling us about the Hidden Passages Tour, and I am glad we follow their advised. It’s not for the faint of heart, we needed to walk down stairs 180-steps and back 180-stairs up.

While in between, I told Ms hotness that we’ll be eating something small. Outside the Alamo were Taquitos kiosks and truly got their tex-mex tacos!

We got back to the hotel and change. As usual, I finished tidying up a bit faster. Let me tell you, when I saw this amazing woman walking off from the elevator, not kidding aside, everyone turn around to see this beauty! I told her very little, that we’ll be dancing and then have dinner in a nice restaurant.

The dancing was at Club Rive, which is a nice awesome place in San Antonio. It is a two floor club: the first floor is Tabu which has the lower dance-floor and a bar, and upstairs is the upper floor, Skydome. We danced in both, and had a good time! It’s totally an experience to dance with Alejandra, she was killing it at the dance floor! And to top it all off, they were having a foam party, so we were a little soak at the end.

Then it was our dinner at Little Italy Restaurant. We passed by that place with our Focus like a thousand times, until Alejandra looked in one direction and said that the place was there. We looked at each other as we walked in, cause they had this old timer “look” classic, as if time stopped since the Italia of the 60s. they even had a picture of Sophia Lauren! But once we have a seat and started our dinner, wow! They were super attentive and the food was top-notch!

Riverwalk in San Antonio

To end, we took a stroll into the riverwalk. It is a boardwalk, but there’s a river where boats cross it and make it a romantic experience. Tonight was spectacular, the night was blessed by a soft breeze and the moon was as high beam as I never seen it. We found the perfect spot and that’s where I grab from my pocket the 2-yr anniversary gift. This woman is totally special.

I won't tell you more cause that is for another blog, until then let me get the pictures download, to reminiscent about that trip.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Party Time in the Keys

Sunset at the Keys
Not too long ago, a couple buddies of mine and I had a very special journey to make, to a very special destination, for a very, very special event. You see, one of our good friends was passing away and he was holding his funeral in Key West. He wanted all his closest friends and family there to celebrate with him. Being the good friends that we are, of course we tried to warn him. We said "Don't do it." But, it was to no avail. His mind was made up. His life was ending but only he could save himself, we couldn't do it for him. In the end, despite the warnings, he chose death (also known as marriage). So, we had no choice but to abide by his wishes. We were going to Key West! It was only a matter of logistics. 

We had a big group going so using our own separate means of transportation wasn't going to be cost effective. We needed something big that could carry a couple of people. We settled on getting 2 Chrysler Town and Country minivans from Thrifty. Renting directly thru Thrifty would have costed upwards of $350 for each van, for 4 days. Luckily, we knew we could do some cost-cutting if we used RentalCarMomma's discount coupon codes. With Momma's help, those 4 day rentals were only $220 each. Those savings were very helpful for a group on a budget.

The journey to Key West was a great one. The ride down and all the events that took place down there, will not be soon forgotten. Post cards don't do justice to what you see down there (as long as it doesn't rain). The beaches are just plain beautiful. The island itself has a distinct aura that seems to whisper, "chillllllll." The places for dining, wining, and dancing were all fantastic. Our friend picked a great place to have a funeral. We were all glad to be invited.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wild Boy Party Bus

My cousin is 3 weeks away from his wedding and is extremely anxious to get it over with so a few of the fellas figured out how we can get him relaxed and calm before the big day……..Bachelor Party time! That’s right! The theme song and the theme name for that night was Wild Boy. If anyone has heard of Machine Gun Kelly then you know what I mean. I was in charge of transportation so after doing a quick head count if figured we will need a limo but not just any limo, I went to the RentalCarMomma and I was able to get a really good deal on a party limo bus and it had all the bells and whistles for our shin dig. The price was ridiculous I mean considering the fact that we were rolling 20 deep we got the party bus for 7 hours for $900.00.

So once we squared away the details of the wild boy ride we now concentrated on where we wanted to take my cousin Sosa for the night and of course being that us boys like doing bad things we said that we needed to take him to Tampa Florida and stop at several night clubs including a Gentleman’s night club. Sosa had no idea what we had in store for him at all, the entire week he kept telling me how he wanted to do something fun before his wedding and he had no clue what was coming the very next day.

The day of the party a few of us went to pick him up from his house and take him to get a haircut and of course we as well got cuts then we went to the mall to get some gear for the night so we could look so fresh and so clean and this fool still had no idea what was going on. Once we got done we took him back home and we told him that he needs to be ready because we had plans for the night to grab some drinks. Everyone already knew what time to meet at my cousins crib our Limo bus driver was going to be there at 10p.m. sharp so we asked that everyone arrive at Sosa’s house by 9:30p.m. I got to his house first only because I needed to stop by the liquor store and get all the Big Boy Drinks because the party bus doesn’t supply the drinks. So once I got in his house with all the bottles he had a curious look on his face and then he asked me “Bro I thought we was going out for drinks” and I told him “yeah we are” and as soon as I said that all the fellas rolled in at the same time the party bus parked in front of his crib and by that time my boy had a smile that went from cheek to cheek.

Par-tay Bus
I myself had the only cool-aid smile because I wasn’t expecting what I saw, I mean this bus was pimped out to the max it had cool customized Graffiti throughout the exterior parts of the bus. I was the first one in the bus and that was because I had to put the drinks in the bar,,,,,,yes you heard it correctly this bad boy had a liquor bar and it had wooden floors throughout the bus it also had customized leather seats, 12 47inch flat screen t.v.’s and fully loaded surround sound with iPod connection for the tunes oh and I almost forgot the customized strobe lights and 2 private bathrooms for him and her LOL!!!

Once I put the bottles to chill I put in some music and I told the driver to open the door and let everyone in and they all rushed inside and you could see it in everyone’s face that they could not believe what they were seeing, to say that it was off the chain would be an understatement this party bus was official like the bone gristle. As soon as we drove off my cousin pulled me aside and he told me that this was the best thing anyone has ever done and told him to shut up and have a lot of drinks because where we were heading you definitely be on your Wild Boy Status and party’d all night long rockin the song by Machine Gun Kelly – “ Ima Wild Boy, Ima-Ima Wild Boy”

Friday, April 6, 2012

A stroll into the Bluegrass State...

It’s been a while that Alejandra Ms Hotness and I took a drive into the incredible states that comprise the union. We been a little bit flustered with work and things. We got into a rhythm and to break from the usual habit, we decided to visit her brother, my future brother-in-law at Kentucky.

We took the flight there, and you can see that the Kentucky International Airport was filled with the White and Blues from the recent feat of the mighty Wildcats’ NCAA Championship. One thing I love about Ms Hotness is that she is into sports, all kinds. But she is also a major NY Yankee fan, like me!

Anyways, after the usual greetings from her brother and his wife, Ellen, Alejandra and I went to the Thrifty rental car desk, which they were holding our vehicle. As usual, we used the site, it’s the only place where we are sure to find awesome discounts. And they have never disappointed us. We showed the agent our reservation, asked us if we wanted a GPS, which we declined since we have our androids and we have downloaded the Google Maps app (it is fantastic by the way, if you haven’t downloaded, what you waiting for!!) It was a Ford Focus which was cheap with the discounts and economic with the gas, plus something awesome is that it was unlimited mileage!

After spending the weekend with them, in which Alejandra’s brother kept teasing me with the “if you play my sister I am gonna…” speech. We both head to the Bluegrass. Our first stop was the Woodford Reserve Distillery. We drove from Lexington to Versailles, which is about 30-min. I have to say that the sightseeing is amazing.

barrels and barrelsThe Woodford Reserve Distillery is the oldest in Kentucky and here is where they started perfecting the bourbon whiskey. We arrived early to see the 10am tour of their facilities. It is amazing when walking into their distillery to see how they do this wonderful whiskey. With all the time and technology, they kept to the minimum the new technology to produce, and they kept intact the old-making process of doing the spirit. Oak wood barrels are constantly rolling thru the different stages, this will produce the aging of the whiskey, plus the flavor and amber color that is very distinct of this type of whiskey. After we go around the different buildings and places where they prepared the drink, we are guided to the bar where there was a lady that was having the drink in different stages of maturity. Of course, they had in the most matured drink in a nice bottle that we bought as souvenir and another for us to drink.

The following day we went to the Kentucky Derby Museum which is in Louisville, an hour and a half from Lexington. It is a huge venue, but the surrounding areas are nothing of what you see on TV for the seminal horse race. It is way impressive! The gardens, the stables, they have on the tour the “cementery” as Alejandra and I called it, cause it was sculptures and other markings with some highlight horses that ran in this race. They even bring us to the place where the really really rich stays during the race. It was a good thing that we didn’t come during the race day, cause is hard to be in this area. We went to the gift shop and bought some souvenirs. We both not into horse racing, but since this is one of the oldest races in America, we give it a try, and definitely we recommend this tour.

Mammoth Cave
The third day, we both went with Alejandra’s brother and sister-in-law to the Mammouth Cave. It was a bit far, about 2hr 1/2. boy did it impressed Alejandra and I! you all know how good she is with a camera, and let me tell you, this was like the ultimate photography oasis for her! So many sightseeings, and incredible vistas. The rock formations are simple awe-inspiring. And to top it all off, the guide told us that is the biggest in the whole world! We were simply marveled by the sheer size of the caves. But what is more amazing is the different fixtures that were created by just nature. Some feels like as if you walked into the met. The name cames from the size of the caves and we both totally agree. Alejandra was in photography 101 heaven, and when she is focus, wow she looks phenomenally sexy!

Definitely I am looking forward to spending more time with this awesome and incredibly beautiful jewel of a woman. Plus, nothing bad with meeting her family little by little. So far, this is headed in the right direction and I cant be more happier. Plus, to see her smile is to see the Mona Lisa come to life!

Saturday, March 31, 2012


I recently took a trip to Portland to visit some family. I was able to pull up a coupon from rental car momma for 30% off my car rental from Budget. That made my trip even more affordable. I was able to maneuver around the city comfortably after that. What i was prepared for was the amount of hipster's that have migrated to my little city. I haven't quite seen as much black horn rimmed glasses, silly tattoo's, and guys wearing their sisters pants since the Grateful Dead concert I attended in the 70's. Going out for "tea" and hanging out in the library has become cool here for the first time since the 1800's. PETA's taken over, and has fliers in everything from McDonalds, to starbucks, to clubs, to bars.

What I did miss, was the friendliness of everyone around. I made sure to run around town as fast as I could to visit all the hotspots, and friends, and spent as much time out on the town as I could. I was able to catch a few concerts, and hop around to a few bars, and it was all possible because I was able to afford what I thought was going to be the most expensive part of the trip through Rentalcarmomma. The people were friendly, and the service was great. Make sure to check them out the next time you're in need of a Rental Car.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seattle 2012

The pool at Four Seasons Hotel SeattleSo I had some free time at the end of this winter and I wanted to do something with those saved up frequent flier miles. So I decided on a vacation to Seattle for some site seeing and a break from the same old same old work schedule I had fallen into. It’s always nice to break up the norm with a little fun throughout the year, and that was my plan. Of course upon arriving I had to find a way of getting around, and it turns out that they have a Hertz right at the airport there. So, using the $25 a day deal on Hertz I rented a Kia Rio as my means of transportation around town.

When I was looking at places to stay I kept coming back around to the Four Seasons Hotel. Everywhere I looked it appeared at the top of the list for excellence. So I decided that with the money I saved on my rental car it would be a great place to stay. The best part about the hotel is the view of the water from my balcony. They also had a nice bar and diner, and when I say nice I mean along the lines of gourmet. They even had a pool with a beautiful view of Puget Sound, the giant lake/river surrounding the city.

One of the things everyone told me I had to absolutely see was the Olympic Sculpture Park. They also told me that the best part about these awesome pieces of art is that it was free. It turns out that the park isn’t this small little part of town. In fact, the place is over nine acres large and is a section of the Seattle Art Museum which I got to enter as well. Out in the park if your patient and wait you can enjoy free guided tours that give you a lot of information about the art. Or if you’re impatient like me, you spot the tour mid show and you just fall in line. After grabbing a quick bite to eat at a corner cafĂ© like they do in the movies, (I had coffee for theatrical effect… I don’t even like coffee) I headed over to the Pike Place Market.

Now this place was definitely the most crowded of places I visited while in Seattle. However when it comes to souvenirs there really is no better place to shop. Everything here is locally produced or funded. You can find everything from art to little knickknacks and of course, those odd ball foods. I didn’t spend much money here but I did walk around for a decent amount of time, often taking pictures of stuff that I would never put in my home, but just had to show my friends. You know, because the artists think that everyone needs a four foot tall stone angel wielding a sword in midflight as their homes centerpiece.

Finally I got a little ways out of town and visited Discovery Park. Discovery Park is more beautiful than the pictures led me to believe. It’s this huge five hundred acre park with hiking trails crisscrossing and traveling all over the place. Without a map I surely would have gotten lost. If you’re an outdoorsy kind of fellow than this is the place for you. There are even beaches you can walk on, so it’s like a combination of every outdoor scenery you could imagine.

Overall my stay in Seattle was great. I wish I had more time to spend at the Four Seasons Hotel but that could easily be remedied at a later date. Until next time my good friends.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We eat all our sauce!

So there I was knee deep in a bunch of wings. Yah that's right me and my boys went to Las Vegas for a wing eating contest and it was legit. We stayed in the Balllagio and even got our own rental car from Budget. It was a good time and we continued to do work and push through to the wing contest even when we were drunk off pancakes. You wouldn't believe all the drinks we showered in. Jager Bombs, Jack Daniels, Corona, Ciroc, Patron and all those other sensual good drinks that you dream about when you are candying your favorite slabs of meat. You know what I'm saying. We got to this wing contest and they asked for name so I gave em my name and address like they was a crazy ex girl friend stalker or something. Yah so what, Maybe I like it crazy sometimes you know. So there we were staring at these 100 wings and the first one to finish them all was the winner. Among them were buffalo, sweet and sour, spicy, jalepeno and many other delicious dripping wings for us to munch on as we race one another to the end of the contest. You know how we do, of course I won. It wasn't even a race, I straight blew them out of the water and showed them how we do and then some. There is no possible way anyone can keep up with me, I have been a practicing alcoholic for years now and eating food when I'm drunk is pretty much the only thing I'm good at in life...besides drinking the alcohol. So if you want to enjoy a good time and get your wings on then hit up Vegas and let's see what you got.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Indianapolis Dreaming

You may say there are other places to go that are far better than spending a weekend in Indianapolis however, I am here to say that that is not the case! The city has many great things to see and enjoy in the same time. You can go year round and experience a new town every time that you go because the way the seasons change affects how the city changes as well. I love going there in the winter so I can see how the town focuses their attention to the football team being the Colts. The people gather at local sports bars and pubs to see them face off against other giants in the arena and they cheer and chant them on towards a victory. Other cities down south just aren't the same. It's a love that is home grown and breed through generations I believe.

Not too long ago I found myself on a road trip with my wife to the famous Indianapolis. I figured it be a great time to get some relaxation and enjoy some new scenery while getting away from every day life for a while so why not! First thing we did was pick up our rental car and started packing up. The car we got was a brand new Chrysler 300c. It was a beautiful work of art and has so much room and luxury that I found myself not wanting to give it up after our rental period was over. Anyway back to the story, when we get packed we headed out on our 2 day road trip to get there and we found the car was nice to drive and I was able to drive hours on end without getting tired or groggy due to the reactive feeling that the car gave me. My bottom never got numb or tingly either which is a common thing to run into on long road trips. You will find that with the 300c it is a great all around car with great gas mileage and plenty of power on tap as well. It really is a well engineered vehicle from the ground up. So when we finally got to Indianapolis I had to go to the car museum there to explore some of the cars of history, Porsche being my favorite of course for several reasons. I highly recommend a visit to this facility for not only educational purposes but also for entertainment value as well. There are plenty of exhibits that are interactive that you will surely enjoy. So after that we went and met up with some family and we stayed the course of 4 days with them and we enjoyed every minute of it. Upon our departure we found that the 300c was just as much of a joy to drive home that it was to drive there.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It’s So Wavy When You’re Ridin Dirty

Black on Black Escalade
Thank god for tax season. Its been about a week already since I got my return and my family and I already have our vacation planned out we are heading out to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia. Last night I went to RentalCarMomma and surprisingly with a name like that I was able to find some pretty official discounts on car rentals. I selected Budget car rentals because it had a pretty interesting savings it said that I could save up to 30% on any vehicle that I wanted to rent so I selected the black on black big body Cadillac because you know how real G’s do it Escalade status fo sho!!. The final cost for the swagged Caddy was $929.63 which in my opinion was official like the bone grisel.

I had already got a sweet deal at the Holiday Inn which is 6 miles from the park so it was just a matter of packing up the kids and riding out. I was fortunate enough to get a head start by getting the rental the night before we were leaving and being the punctual dude that I am I made sure we were all ready by 7a.m. so we could at least beat traffic and drive out comfortably.

One of the many reasons why I love the Cadillac Escalade is that it provides so much space for my family but you can still feel the luxurious ride that Cadillac provides awh yes it’s swagalishes. I was so excited to finally visit Busch Gardens in Va. That I didn’t even mind driving the 679 miles straight through and surprisingly I didn’t even need to make that many gas stops. I guess it is true what they say about Escalades they really do ride well on gas when they are being used on long distance road trips through the highways. Map quest told me that I would take roughly 13 and a half hours to make it their but believe it or not I made it there in less than 10 hours although I must say my wife kept yelling in my ear to slow down but I couldn’t help myself this Cadillac rides so smooth you don’t even realize how fast your driving I’m telling it’s like your driving on a huge cloud. It’s so wavy when you’re ridin dirty.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Denver Business Trip

Denver ZooLike I have blogged about in the past, I really enjoy traveling, so when an opportunity at work arrives for me to go across the country I always jump at the opportunity. This time it was to go visit another office just outside Denver Colorado. So I packed my bags and rented a vehicle from Alamo and drove half way across the country. You see Alamo is currently having this great deal where if you rent a vehicle on a one way trip out of Florida its only $19.99 a day. The one thing my company likes just slightly less than making money is saving money.

Now my business trips always offer me time to take a break and see some of the sites. Here in the Mile High City there are some great places to visit. Since I had a lot of free time at night I decided to head down to the Lakeside Amusement Park. Just about anywhere you go in the city you see this place lit up in a sea of swirling lights as the rides movie around. The best part is it’s relatively cheap to get in, and they even have a wooden roller coaster as well as some classic carnival rides.

Something that has kind of become a habit of mine is to visit the zoos of the major cities I have visited. So my Saturday was spent tracking down the Denver Zoo and exploring the seven hundred species of animals that the place has to offer. In fact the entrance of the park had a nice little greeting of a full sized tiger that they were letting guests pet. I expected this big fearsome animal but I felt like I was just petting an oversized cat as it snored sleeping. If I had to suggest a zoo to anyone this place is great, and once again very inexpensive.

Denver has a lot more historical sites that I really want to see, but just didn’t have the time. Most of them aren’t open on weekends or at the hours I had free time, so I will have to come back some time in the future when I can see all the great stuff!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Appalachian Mountains Ski Resort

Grandfather MountainEveryone wants to have a good holiday season, so this year we planned a visit to the Appalachian Mountains to visit the Ski Resort. The best part is that that ski resort owns most of the houses that are right on the slopes over at the lodge. So you can get a place to stay right on the course. But I am getting ahead of myself. We rented a four wheel drive Dodge Grand Caravan to handle the snow in the mountains. When you see how close those roads come to the edge of some huge canyons you would understand.

The house was beautiful. We stayed in a two story building that was half on the mountain and have over the side of it. So you can guess that the view was gorgeous, and we could see all of the slopes from where we stayed. The best part was how easily you could get the lodge. Simply strap on your boots and snowboard and walk out the back door. From there, ride down the mountain and buy your lift ticket. It really was fantastic! The snow this time around varied based on the weather. The first day we got there they were making snow with huge fans and covering the mountainside. But by the last day they didn’t even bother, because it was so cold and snowing so much that the snow was actually getting on the dangerous side.

One of the days we were there we climbed Grandfather Mountain; one of North Carolinas tallest mountains. Near the highest point there is this awesome hanging bridge, and right in the center is a sign that says you are currently a mile above sea level. If you’re looking for a photo opportunity than this is the place.

Between all the skiing and hiking we did there really wasn’t much time for anything else. By the end of our “relaxing” vacation we were pretty worn out and tired. If you are looking for a great vacation this winter don’t hesitate to head to North Carolina’s Blowing Rock, that area is just awesome.