Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It’s So Wavy When You’re Ridin Dirty

Black on Black Escalade
Thank god for tax season. Its been about a week already since I got my return and my family and I already have our vacation planned out we are heading out to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia. Last night I went to RentalCarMomma and surprisingly with a name like that I was able to find some pretty official discounts on car rentals. I selected Budget car rentals because it had a pretty interesting savings it said that I could save up to 30% on any vehicle that I wanted to rent so I selected the black on black big body Cadillac because you know how real G’s do it Escalade status fo sho!!. The final cost for the swagged Caddy was $929.63 which in my opinion was official like the bone grisel.

I had already got a sweet deal at the Holiday Inn which is 6 miles from the park so it was just a matter of packing up the kids and riding out. I was fortunate enough to get a head start by getting the rental the night before we were leaving and being the punctual dude that I am I made sure we were all ready by 7a.m. so we could at least beat traffic and drive out comfortably.

One of the many reasons why I love the Cadillac Escalade is that it provides so much space for my family but you can still feel the luxurious ride that Cadillac provides awh yes it’s swagalishes. I was so excited to finally visit Busch Gardens in Va. That I didn’t even mind driving the 679 miles straight through and surprisingly I didn’t even need to make that many gas stops. I guess it is true what they say about Escalades they really do ride well on gas when they are being used on long distance road trips through the highways. Map quest told me that I would take roughly 13 and a half hours to make it their but believe it or not I made it there in less than 10 hours although I must say my wife kept yelling in my ear to slow down but I couldn’t help myself this Cadillac rides so smooth you don’t even realize how fast your driving I’m telling it’s like your driving on a huge cloud. It’s so wavy when you’re ridin dirty.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Denver Business Trip

Denver ZooLike I have blogged about in the past, I really enjoy traveling, so when an opportunity at work arrives for me to go across the country I always jump at the opportunity. This time it was to go visit another office just outside Denver Colorado. So I packed my bags and rented a vehicle from Alamo and drove half way across the country. You see Alamo is currently having this great deal where if you rent a vehicle on a one way trip out of Florida its only $19.99 a day. The one thing my company likes just slightly less than making money is saving money.

Now my business trips always offer me time to take a break and see some of the sites. Here in the Mile High City there are some great places to visit. Since I had a lot of free time at night I decided to head down to the Lakeside Amusement Park. Just about anywhere you go in the city you see this place lit up in a sea of swirling lights as the rides movie around. The best part is it’s relatively cheap to get in, and they even have a wooden roller coaster as well as some classic carnival rides.

Something that has kind of become a habit of mine is to visit the zoos of the major cities I have visited. So my Saturday was spent tracking down the Denver Zoo and exploring the seven hundred species of animals that the place has to offer. In fact the entrance of the park had a nice little greeting of a full sized tiger that they were letting guests pet. I expected this big fearsome animal but I felt like I was just petting an oversized cat as it snored sleeping. If I had to suggest a zoo to anyone this place is great, and once again very inexpensive.

Denver has a lot more historical sites that I really want to see, but just didn’t have the time. Most of them aren’t open on weekends or at the hours I had free time, so I will have to come back some time in the future when I can see all the great stuff!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Appalachian Mountains Ski Resort

Grandfather MountainEveryone wants to have a good holiday season, so this year we planned a visit to the Appalachian Mountains to visit the Ski Resort. The best part is that that ski resort owns most of the houses that are right on the slopes over at the lodge. So you can get a place to stay right on the course. But I am getting ahead of myself. We rented a four wheel drive Dodge Grand Caravan to handle the snow in the mountains. When you see how close those roads come to the edge of some huge canyons you would understand.

The house was beautiful. We stayed in a two story building that was half on the mountain and have over the side of it. So you can guess that the view was gorgeous, and we could see all of the slopes from where we stayed. The best part was how easily you could get the lodge. Simply strap on your boots and snowboard and walk out the back door. From there, ride down the mountain and buy your lift ticket. It really was fantastic! The snow this time around varied based on the weather. The first day we got there they were making snow with huge fans and covering the mountainside. But by the last day they didn’t even bother, because it was so cold and snowing so much that the snow was actually getting on the dangerous side.

One of the days we were there we climbed Grandfather Mountain; one of North Carolinas tallest mountains. Near the highest point there is this awesome hanging bridge, and right in the center is a sign that says you are currently a mile above sea level. If you’re looking for a photo opportunity than this is the place.

Between all the skiing and hiking we did there really wasn’t much time for anything else. By the end of our “relaxing” vacation we were pretty worn out and tired. If you are looking for a great vacation this winter don’t hesitate to head to North Carolina’s Blowing Rock, that area is just awesome.