Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Appalachian Mountains Ski Resort

Grandfather MountainEveryone wants to have a good holiday season, so this year we planned a visit to the Appalachian Mountains to visit the Ski Resort. The best part is that that ski resort owns most of the houses that are right on the slopes over at the lodge. So you can get a place to stay right on the course. But I am getting ahead of myself. We rented a four wheel drive Dodge Grand Caravan to handle the snow in the mountains. When you see how close those roads come to the edge of some huge canyons you would understand.

The house was beautiful. We stayed in a two story building that was half on the mountain and have over the side of it. So you can guess that the view was gorgeous, and we could see all of the slopes from where we stayed. The best part was how easily you could get the lodge. Simply strap on your boots and snowboard and walk out the back door. From there, ride down the mountain and buy your lift ticket. It really was fantastic! The snow this time around varied based on the weather. The first day we got there they were making snow with huge fans and covering the mountainside. But by the last day they didn’t even bother, because it was so cold and snowing so much that the snow was actually getting on the dangerous side.

One of the days we were there we climbed Grandfather Mountain; one of North Carolinas tallest mountains. Near the highest point there is this awesome hanging bridge, and right in the center is a sign that says you are currently a mile above sea level. If you’re looking for a photo opportunity than this is the place.

Between all the skiing and hiking we did there really wasn’t much time for anything else. By the end of our “relaxing” vacation we were pretty worn out and tired. If you are looking for a great vacation this winter don’t hesitate to head to North Carolina’s Blowing Rock, that area is just awesome.

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