Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It’s So Wavy When You’re Ridin Dirty

Black on Black Escalade
Thank god for tax season. Its been about a week already since I got my return and my family and I already have our vacation planned out we are heading out to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia. Last night I went to RentalCarMomma and surprisingly with a name like that I was able to find some pretty official discounts on car rentals. I selected Budget car rentals because it had a pretty interesting savings it said that I could save up to 30% on any vehicle that I wanted to rent so I selected the black on black big body Cadillac because you know how real G’s do it Escalade status fo sho!!. The final cost for the swagged Caddy was $929.63 which in my opinion was official like the bone grisel.

I had already got a sweet deal at the Holiday Inn which is 6 miles from the park so it was just a matter of packing up the kids and riding out. I was fortunate enough to get a head start by getting the rental the night before we were leaving and being the punctual dude that I am I made sure we were all ready by 7a.m. so we could at least beat traffic and drive out comfortably.

One of the many reasons why I love the Cadillac Escalade is that it provides so much space for my family but you can still feel the luxurious ride that Cadillac provides awh yes it’s swagalishes. I was so excited to finally visit Busch Gardens in Va. That I didn’t even mind driving the 679 miles straight through and surprisingly I didn’t even need to make that many gas stops. I guess it is true what they say about Escalades they really do ride well on gas when they are being used on long distance road trips through the highways. Map quest told me that I would take roughly 13 and a half hours to make it their but believe it or not I made it there in less than 10 hours although I must say my wife kept yelling in my ear to slow down but I couldn’t help myself this Cadillac rides so smooth you don’t even realize how fast your driving I’m telling it’s like your driving on a huge cloud. It’s so wavy when you’re ridin dirty.

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