Saturday, February 18, 2012

We eat all our sauce!

So there I was knee deep in a bunch of wings. Yah that's right me and my boys went to Las Vegas for a wing eating contest and it was legit. We stayed in the Balllagio and even got our own rental car from Budget. It was a good time and we continued to do work and push through to the wing contest even when we were drunk off pancakes. You wouldn't believe all the drinks we showered in. Jager Bombs, Jack Daniels, Corona, Ciroc, Patron and all those other sensual good drinks that you dream about when you are candying your favorite slabs of meat. You know what I'm saying. We got to this wing contest and they asked for name so I gave em my name and address like they was a crazy ex girl friend stalker or something. Yah so what, Maybe I like it crazy sometimes you know. So there we were staring at these 100 wings and the first one to finish them all was the winner. Among them were buffalo, sweet and sour, spicy, jalepeno and many other delicious dripping wings for us to munch on as we race one another to the end of the contest. You know how we do, of course I won. It wasn't even a race, I straight blew them out of the water and showed them how we do and then some. There is no possible way anyone can keep up with me, I have been a practicing alcoholic for years now and eating food when I'm drunk is pretty much the only thing I'm good at in life...besides drinking the alcohol. So if you want to enjoy a good time and get your wings on then hit up Vegas and let's see what you got.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Indianapolis Dreaming

You may say there are other places to go that are far better than spending a weekend in Indianapolis however, I am here to say that that is not the case! The city has many great things to see and enjoy in the same time. You can go year round and experience a new town every time that you go because the way the seasons change affects how the city changes as well. I love going there in the winter so I can see how the town focuses their attention to the football team being the Colts. The people gather at local sports bars and pubs to see them face off against other giants in the arena and they cheer and chant them on towards a victory. Other cities down south just aren't the same. It's a love that is home grown and breed through generations I believe.

Not too long ago I found myself on a road trip with my wife to the famous Indianapolis. I figured it be a great time to get some relaxation and enjoy some new scenery while getting away from every day life for a while so why not! First thing we did was pick up our rental car and started packing up. The car we got was a brand new Chrysler 300c. It was a beautiful work of art and has so much room and luxury that I found myself not wanting to give it up after our rental period was over. Anyway back to the story, when we get packed we headed out on our 2 day road trip to get there and we found the car was nice to drive and I was able to drive hours on end without getting tired or groggy due to the reactive feeling that the car gave me. My bottom never got numb or tingly either which is a common thing to run into on long road trips. You will find that with the 300c it is a great all around car with great gas mileage and plenty of power on tap as well. It really is a well engineered vehicle from the ground up. So when we finally got to Indianapolis I had to go to the car museum there to explore some of the cars of history, Porsche being my favorite of course for several reasons. I highly recommend a visit to this facility for not only educational purposes but also for entertainment value as well. There are plenty of exhibits that are interactive that you will surely enjoy. So after that we went and met up with some family and we stayed the course of 4 days with them and we enjoyed every minute of it. Upon our departure we found that the 300c was just as much of a joy to drive home that it was to drive there.