Friday, April 6, 2012

A stroll into the Bluegrass State...

It’s been a while that Alejandra Ms Hotness and I took a drive into the incredible states that comprise the union. We been a little bit flustered with work and things. We got into a rhythm and to break from the usual habit, we decided to visit her brother, my future brother-in-law at Kentucky.

We took the flight there, and you can see that the Kentucky International Airport was filled with the White and Blues from the recent feat of the mighty Wildcats’ NCAA Championship. One thing I love about Ms Hotness is that she is into sports, all kinds. But she is also a major NY Yankee fan, like me!

Anyways, after the usual greetings from her brother and his wife, Ellen, Alejandra and I went to the Thrifty rental car desk, which they were holding our vehicle. As usual, we used the site, it’s the only place where we are sure to find awesome discounts. And they have never disappointed us. We showed the agent our reservation, asked us if we wanted a GPS, which we declined since we have our androids and we have downloaded the Google Maps app (it is fantastic by the way, if you haven’t downloaded, what you waiting for!!) It was a Ford Focus which was cheap with the discounts and economic with the gas, plus something awesome is that it was unlimited mileage!

After spending the weekend with them, in which Alejandra’s brother kept teasing me with the “if you play my sister I am gonna…” speech. We both head to the Bluegrass. Our first stop was the Woodford Reserve Distillery. We drove from Lexington to Versailles, which is about 30-min. I have to say that the sightseeing is amazing.

barrels and barrelsThe Woodford Reserve Distillery is the oldest in Kentucky and here is where they started perfecting the bourbon whiskey. We arrived early to see the 10am tour of their facilities. It is amazing when walking into their distillery to see how they do this wonderful whiskey. With all the time and technology, they kept to the minimum the new technology to produce, and they kept intact the old-making process of doing the spirit. Oak wood barrels are constantly rolling thru the different stages, this will produce the aging of the whiskey, plus the flavor and amber color that is very distinct of this type of whiskey. After we go around the different buildings and places where they prepared the drink, we are guided to the bar where there was a lady that was having the drink in different stages of maturity. Of course, they had in the most matured drink in a nice bottle that we bought as souvenir and another for us to drink.

The following day we went to the Kentucky Derby Museum which is in Louisville, an hour and a half from Lexington. It is a huge venue, but the surrounding areas are nothing of what you see on TV for the seminal horse race. It is way impressive! The gardens, the stables, they have on the tour the “cementery” as Alejandra and I called it, cause it was sculptures and other markings with some highlight horses that ran in this race. They even bring us to the place where the really really rich stays during the race. It was a good thing that we didn’t come during the race day, cause is hard to be in this area. We went to the gift shop and bought some souvenirs. We both not into horse racing, but since this is one of the oldest races in America, we give it a try, and definitely we recommend this tour.

Mammoth Cave
The third day, we both went with Alejandra’s brother and sister-in-law to the Mammouth Cave. It was a bit far, about 2hr 1/2. boy did it impressed Alejandra and I! you all know how good she is with a camera, and let me tell you, this was like the ultimate photography oasis for her! So many sightseeings, and incredible vistas. The rock formations are simple awe-inspiring. And to top it all off, the guide told us that is the biggest in the whole world! We were simply marveled by the sheer size of the caves. But what is more amazing is the different fixtures that were created by just nature. Some feels like as if you walked into the met. The name cames from the size of the caves and we both totally agree. Alejandra was in photography 101 heaven, and when she is focus, wow she looks phenomenally sexy!

Definitely I am looking forward to spending more time with this awesome and incredibly beautiful jewel of a woman. Plus, nothing bad with meeting her family little by little. So far, this is headed in the right direction and I cant be more happier. Plus, to see her smile is to see the Mona Lisa come to life!

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