Friday, June 1, 2012

San Antonio

It has been a while since Alejandra and I did something...and I was waiting for the moment to do something out of the spur of the moment. As I was thinking in that "...spur of the moment", and watching the San Antonio Spurs getting a tight win over OKC, I said to myself that San Antonio could be a great place! that is why I did a surprise trip to San Antonio with ms Hotness (getting hotter by the minute, I am telling you) Alejandra!

It was going to be only 4-days, so we made arrangements in advance with our favorite website for car rental, RentalCarMomma, and we found a great price even for holidays/summer vacation $21 per day, which is not bad specially considering that it was a Ford Focus, and we even got it as an upgrade which warrants a super special price!!

I made awesome reservations to the Omni La Mansion del Rio, a wonderful hotel to really spend a lovely romantic stay!

So, we run our car, which had unlimited mileage, and arrive to our hotel room. What a room! A lovely overview to the river. and a wonderful romantic atmosphere to boot, what a perfect pick. We were ready to have a wonderful and amazing time.

In our research, we found out that San Antonio is not only home to the Alamo, but has a awesome cultural (rather we say Multicultural) history with museums and other places to visit. Plus, a night life that is great to have a romantic evening with the woman I love! Ms Hotness was “what you up to boy?!” and with that killer smile of hers, I was almost on the verge of spilling the surprises I have in store, but I was in control of the situation and that is the key to a woman falling at your feet!

The first stop was The Alamo. No other place has so much history and powerful messages than this “little” place. It’s comprise of several buildings that tell the story of the amazing men and women who gave their lives for freedom and for defending their families. Alejandra, as you all know, is a great photographer. She took amazing pictures of the building and several awesome things that we saw on the guided tour. One thing I should say, the friendliness of the people of San Antonio. Since they saw us both, they were like asking us if we wanted them to take a picture of us, which was awesome so we have pictures of us two cuddling up romantics.

We went then to the Natural Bridge Caverns, which was an awesome highlight of the trip. We both got a lot of people telling us about the Hidden Passages Tour, and I am glad we follow their advised. It’s not for the faint of heart, we needed to walk down stairs 180-steps and back 180-stairs up.

While in between, I told Ms hotness that we’ll be eating something small. Outside the Alamo were Taquitos kiosks and truly got their tex-mex tacos!

We got back to the hotel and change. As usual, I finished tidying up a bit faster. Let me tell you, when I saw this amazing woman walking off from the elevator, not kidding aside, everyone turn around to see this beauty! I told her very little, that we’ll be dancing and then have dinner in a nice restaurant.

The dancing was at Club Rive, which is a nice awesome place in San Antonio. It is a two floor club: the first floor is Tabu which has the lower dance-floor and a bar, and upstairs is the upper floor, Skydome. We danced in both, and had a good time! It’s totally an experience to dance with Alejandra, she was killing it at the dance floor! And to top it all off, they were having a foam party, so we were a little soak at the end.

Then it was our dinner at Little Italy Restaurant. We passed by that place with our Focus like a thousand times, until Alejandra looked in one direction and said that the place was there. We looked at each other as we walked in, cause they had this old timer “look” classic, as if time stopped since the Italia of the 60s. they even had a picture of Sophia Lauren! But once we have a seat and started our dinner, wow! They were super attentive and the food was top-notch!

Riverwalk in San Antonio

To end, we took a stroll into the riverwalk. It is a boardwalk, but there’s a river where boats cross it and make it a romantic experience. Tonight was spectacular, the night was blessed by a soft breeze and the moon was as high beam as I never seen it. We found the perfect spot and that’s where I grab from my pocket the 2-yr anniversary gift. This woman is totally special.

I won't tell you more cause that is for another blog, until then let me get the pictures download, to reminiscent about that trip.

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