Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thanksgiving in Vegas

Green Valley Ranch
Last Thanksgiving I decided to schedule a spur of the moment trip to Las Vegas with my family and so over the course of a week i planned everything down to what we are having for Thanksgiving dinner. On the flight there I was very anxious about how the trip would turn out. We walked in to The Green Ranch Resort and it was a lot more than i expected. They had a mall, casino and over 15 restaurants along with the biggest rooms i've seen by far. It was not right on the strip but a couple blocks away.(They wouldn't be able to fit this place on the strip) We went sight seeing for the first couple days and on the third day my sister decided not to join us on the adventure for the day. We went to the strip and had a look around for a while and then went over to the Hoover Dam. When we returned home my sister was complaining that she felt very itchy and needed some Benadryl so we decided that we wanted to rent a car instead of just using a taxi service like the previous days. Upon searching for Rental car companies in the area online i ran across RentalCarMomma. Wow it made the trip because we had the freedom to to separate and do our own thing or all go to dinner after a long day at the casino. The car was so inexpensive so i couldn't go wrong. $336.85 for the week and i got a smaller car for a weeks time. When planning the vacation i didn't reserve one so i thought that finding one for Thanksgiving weekend would be a hassle. It was fairly easy finding a pick up location and the right car on RentalCarMomma. The rest of the trip was a lot of fun and we even got to go into Arizona and explore a little bit. Me and my sister really enjoyed the night life and Thanksgiving dinner. 

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