Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An awesome trip to Colorado!

Denver Colorado
So the gang was more than surprised to be taking the trip to Colorado. We made our itineraries about a year ago…we even, send a request to the visit Colorado to check the interested places and attractions and did a list of everything we wanna hit. So, seating in the plane was totally amazing specially to see the scenery change from flats to mountains. Once we arrived Denver, we headed to the airport desk of Thrifty, which was the company we pick for the car, since it was giving us a wonderful price. I have to be honest, I was a first apprehensive of being in charge of the getting discounts and doing the reservations, but it was sucha breeze with the help of RentalCarMomma. With the print out copy of the reservation, which we didn't have to put anything for deposit (which was surprising and at the same time so awesome for our budget), we got there, pay and then head to take the car. It was a Ford Escape that was appropriate since it was the five of us, and our luggage. We decided to stay in the vicinity to Colorado Springs, which was centric and at the same time close in distance to the things we wanted to do.

We decided to rest and chill out from the trip, which was a bit tiresome. Next day, we hit the road early in the morning and headed toward Boulder, which was a few minutes away from us…we found the place, and we were directed to this open field where a huge multicolored balloon was being readied for us. You see, we never have done ballooning before, so we were decked out, since it was cold, and it was something the reservations lady told us before. Jackets and gloves and scarfs were all full swing. We even bought a nice chilled bottle Chardonnay. And the girls came with some crackers and two cans one of pate and the other of caviar. We wanted to make this special, since a couple of the guys were celebrating their anniversaries. This time around, I was totally since. But it was funny that with the group we were schedule to be included with this brother and sister that we all hit it off pretty good…the brother was a riot, funny as hell, cracking jokes left and right that we all couldn't hold it chuckling and having a heck of a time…but she was out of this world!!! Star Wars fan (later at the end of the conversation she even said she went to comic-con dressed as Princess Leia in her Jabba the Hutt slave bikini, which I was open-mouthed and she even have to close it playfully hehehe), she was majoring in Psychology, and she was very likable, so much that the girls in the group were like pushing each other to the side and taking pictures of the two of us, I was like telling my girl friends not too over stretch it…but she was sucha wonderful sport, and at one moment up high, she was even telling us where they were going to visit, which to our surprise and major coincidence where exactly the places we were going. They had family here, but they came from Boston, MA (which was another beautiful surprise to her that I live for a while there). It was a swift way up, but it was a very slow progressive trip down…but, I totally recommend the view, it was super, and because it was near the mountains, you can see the beautiful scenery that Colorado is famous for…totally a terrific experience. We share our drinks with the new friends, and they even carried some other treats as well that surely were delightful (that Jedi Hawtness was also a culinary chef!)

So, the two new members of the group where saying about this terrific Italian place called Radda. At first, we all kinda look at each other cause it was in a mall by Boulder, it was a bit off the tourist area to be honest, but it didn't have that wow effect, if you know what I mean. However, since they knew more about the area then us, we let it go. We were escorted by our maitre and we were seated. This is were I would have to say, I will eat again. This place totally rocks. Servers were nice and the food was totally amazing. We could recommend this place blindly!

Our ride back to the hotel was smooth...it was a good thing that we have our SUV. The scenery here in Colorado is simply breathtaking and the sights and sounds of Colorado Springs is quiet and relaxing. We couldn't have gotten a better place! The people are overall friendly and since this is tourist area, but at the same time fill with locals during this time, it has a nice blend of people from all over the states. We already met some people from California, and Vermont, plus a couple on their honeymoon from Boston, and us from Florida, so you can see it is a nice blend. The weather, even tho it is cold from our Floridian stand-point, it is awesome and comfortable. We were wearing our jackets and our boots, termos are a given cause at night the wind packs a little gusts that sort of gets in between your clothing. Once we already gotten into our room, we were preparing for our next part of the trip. We overheard that there was a few snows on the hills, so that means that skiing season is underway and that I cannot wait to enjoy, it's been a long time that I have not tried it, and certainly the guys and girls are looking forward to it. Since we got the phone number of miss Princes Leia, I will surely ask her if she and her brother wants to join us on our skiing part of the trip. And that I cannot wait to see...her delicious warm smile and her amazing personality, surely two things that stand out...but the one that really was sealing the label of stunning was her intelligent conversation! That certainly was the highlight and I cannot wait to keep talking to her!