Saturday, January 12, 2013

My trip to Tennessee!

The first thing you should know is my sister was very sheltered and is a "hold my hand the whole time" kinda girl. So when i heard she was moving down from Tennessee, I knew she would ask for help from the sister that doesn't ever say "No". She called me 2 days later and being the "greatest sister in the world" I was now making flight arrangements to Tennessee. The plan was for Luke, her marine husband whom just got back from his 3rd trip over seas and my sister to have everything packed by the time I arrived. I finally got picked up from the airport and we started by packing up all the stuff she had accumulated during the 2 years on base.

Luke would be driving the Penske truck down with most of the furniture and boxes and we would be driving a rental car that Channing was suppose to book weeks ago. "Ooops Sorry it must have slipped my mind".. So i went to Rentalcarmomma and was so thankful that they still had some larger SUV's available because we were getting into the holidays and everyone was on the move! I caught the best deal, 49.99 for the week! With all the stops i had to make because she had to use the bathroom, is hungry, is thirsty or oh that looks interesting, i was sure to need the SUV for the week.We hit the road early the next morning and the traffic was not to bad.

I don't trust Channings driving so i offered to drive for the trip. When it started to get dark and i needed a break we decided to look for a very inexpensive hotel for the night. When we drove for another 45 mins only spotting trees and some truck stops til finally the huge "Red Scottish inn" appeared in the distance. Finally we got into the room. Thinking its only for a hour or 2 of some good shut eye. As soon as we opened the door, it became apparent why the room was so reasonable. We snuggled up on top of the covers in our heaviest winter jackets and eventually fell asleep.

I woke up 2 hours later to something moving in the room. I flicked on the light to find bugs having a family reunion on the night stand. The light waking up sleeping beauty, she jumped up screaming and running for the door. I grabbed our things and followed. After another uneventful morning of driving, we ended up stopping in Georgia to swing by my parents farm. Luke ended up heading straight to Florida with not a single stop so we had some time to spend. My youngest brother talked my mom into letting him come down with us. Of course, me being the never say "No" sister, he will be staying at my house.

After a lunch in Valdosta, we jumped back on 75 for 4 more hours, i am counting the miles. I believe the SUV was just a little to comfortable because they are both sprawled out and snoring by the time we hit the FL line. We finally made it into town by dark and i got some well needed sleep finally.