Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trip to San Francisco

So, I decided to take on an invitation from my friends to go to San Francisco. Never been there, so I check the flights that they were in. I bought the tickets, and made reservations to the hotel that the gang will be. As usual, I went to my favorite place, and on the discussion, I made a comment to my friends that it was better to pick up a nice SUV, so we can all be together. They told me that they were going to be about 5 including myself. I tell you, they were very sneaky, not telling me too much, which kinda raised the flags that something was up their sleeves, if you know what I mean!

We went to our favorite website, RentalCarMomma, to find our vehicle. We got incredible prices. Ultimately, we choose the Ford Explorer which granted us unlimited mileage, which came in handy because we were going to travel quite a bit in the area. It came roughly 133 per person, which was awesome! Once in the flight, because I book after them, we were sitting in a different cabin. Lo and behold, there I was heading to my seat and she was there….those of you who knows her from my blogs will know how much that woman makes me weak in the knees. Miss Hotness Alejandra in all her beautiful stunning glory! She was with her cargo pants, and her white shirt, her incredible smile and those amazing eyes that will melt with the mere “hi”. That woman is charismatic and full of life…anyways, the guys decided to revive a little the flames of love, and they bring her for the trip….definitely I will kill the guys, but judging for the things that happened during the trip, well, let’s say that I will forgive them!

After we got into San Francisco, we picked up the car and got into the airport. One thing, we both were not the same people, Alejandra and me, there was a level of romanticism in the air, passion was on each other’s skin, but there was something that was holding us and we were not sharing fully what we felt…So, the guys in the conversation were discussing that fact, therefore, we decided to bring a little the girls into the folds of Valentines day…and we saw that here they have one of the most amazing festivals for romantic couples, the Tulipmania!

It is a major festival where they have incredible array of different species of Tulips and full blown. Their colors are fantastic and there’s great guides in handy that will tell you all about them. It is a local’s delight, plus since it is located in the famous Pier 39 there’s so much things to look in here…there’s a great area in the west marina where you can see the famous sea lions, something that should not be missed cause is an incredible sight! Plus, the restaurants in the area are something for a delight. We walked very slowly, watching the different tulips and at the same time, there was something flirty in Alejandra’s eyes…she was wearing an appropriate flowery dress, very summer-y in style, but covered because of the California weather, which is really cool and nice. It was funny that one guy was walking and stumble unto a table because he was watching Alejandra, and his wife came out of nowhere saw the whole thing and hit him in the head and he was like saying sorries to the wifey, funny as hell, and Alejandra turned to me and we saw each other…yep, that woman has that effect on people!

It was getting a little over noon time, so we decided to go to a nice restaurant. We decided to visit one overlooking at the bay in Fisherman’s Wharf called Fog Harbor Fish House. It had a fantastic ambiance and the view was spectacular…it was a good time that we decided to go while the sun was up, cause at night we were walking by the boardwalk and it was too dark and you cannot see how beautiful it is. I personally took a gamble and had the Seafood Cioppino and added pasta…it was a superb plate, I tell you! And Alejandra got a seafood pasta, which was to die for. Just to see again her smile and the way that she was flicking her hair, was totally hypnotic and amazing to see…I was awestruck and probably she knew that.

Presiding over Presido
After that we walked a little bit into the boardwalk and headed to the SUV, then we took the road and ride toward Presidio, which is a wonderful place to see the city and especially nearby you can see one of the most breathtaking views of the Golden Gate. It was a nice way to sort of walk into the steps and see what was formerly a military base, but now turn into one of the major attractions in the city. Those of us who knows Alejandra, knows her love for Photography, so I took her to one of the most amazing bridges in the world. You can see the length in size and how amazingly beautiful that bridge is…no wonder is called the Golden Gate. The time was excellent, and you can see in Alejandra’s lips how concentrated she was. I kind of let her do her thing. Once in a while I peek a little, she is such a beautiful woman and her hair and her look was highlighted in this amazing place. At one moment, I turn and she was there taking pictures of me, so all in all, we were being a little flirty with each other. She mentioned that some pictures are going to look amazing in black and white. But, she made the remarks that some are going to be private for herself only…wonder which ones will be.

There’s more amazing things happening in this amazing city, so stay tune cause there’s more awesome memories to tell!

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