Friday, May 24, 2013

San Francisco Continued....

San Fran Trolley
So, we wake up early in the morning…we wanted to see much of the city. You all know how Alejandra is totally one of those detailed oriented women. She likes photography. We took the auto that we rented from Rentalcarmomma, and headed toward the city. Yeah, I know it is a funny name, but they have pretty awesome prices!

It took us a little more than we bargain because of the early rush traffic, but we finally got into the northern point. We parked the SUV and we got into the Trolley to the Castro, which is a colorful and very historic place to visit in San Francisco. Probably you’ve seen it in the commercials to San Francisco, it is that subway looking wagon that is traveling in those rails over the hills of the city. It is open, so you can walk in and out really fast. Of course, we were all laughing cause they have signs to never get off until the wagon has stopped. But, if you look closely, the locals are totally a pro at this…one of my friends try to do the local thing, and almost got his face plastered in the floor, which we all were laughing.

Alejandra was in total photographic focus. I was mesmerized by her way of setting the shot and playing a little with the color palette. Plus, she remember that I love monochromatic pictures, and I could see her wicked look when she was doing it. Which, you know, if you’ve seen this woman and giving you that “look” it raises the adrenaline and heart beat as fast as the speed of light. She took awesome pictures of the surrounding buildings, and the city have a very awesome looking exterior, which adds to the historical vibe of the city…plus, the people were extremely friendly. We ended up meeting at the end of the Castro, which is a wonderful place to be…they have pastry shops and bakeries and restaurants that add its own personal touch to this incredibly city.

Since the whole gang loved the area and the surrounding we decided to eat around. As usual, we asked around…who knows which is the best place than the locals, right? And you know how we’ve found awesome places in our travel, today was not the exception. There was a local’s favorite called Mama’s Restaurant, which is located in the bohemian part of the city. At first we were “Italian! Awesome!”, then the joke was on us, it was a beautiful contemporary decorated bakery/coffee shop. They have menus for Breakfast, which the locals say is one of the best, and they have one for lunch as well. Immediately we went to the menu, and it was pretty neat from the waiter that we ask about their awesome pancakes, and we were really amazed that we said that we were going to have breakfast tomorrow! We all pick different plates from the menu. I got the chicken Caesar salad, and Miss Hotness got the Vegetable Quiche, which was her way to keep with healthy living!

Rrazz Room
I had the guys covering me during the sightseeing of the city tour. The reason being is while during the Castro trolley travel my phone was ringing, and it was an alarmed that I had one year ago….it was the anniversary of the first time I saw this stunning woman. One year ago it was in a concert, so I thought, what better way than to have her and me to attend a nice concert here in the city, right? So I heard of this place “Live at Rrazz”, which was located in a Cadillac showroom, a 1921 Art Deco building that is a major landmark in San Francisco. The good thing is that they have good shows and today is no different! So, the gang totally left us in the night, they did their thing, which did not seat well with Alejandra, but it was part of the plan! We arrived at the place and to my surprise it was schedule to be their final concert, and after that they were going to close indefinitely the place…what a bummer! Alejandra looked at me, and I finally said to her that I remember what she was dressing that night, and to my surprised she was wearing the same pin she was wearing the night I met her, and she was teary eyes and all. Alejandra was looking spectacular and what a beautiful dame she is…red dress, strapless, you can see that when she entered in the room every men’s eyes were unto her. The bartender was doing his theatrical flipping of the bottles for showmanship, and when he saw Alejandra he almost fumbled one of the two bottles and the lady that he was serving was chuckling. Another lady was hitting his husband or boyfriend cause he followed Alejandra to our seats. Told her that the gang was backing me and it was planned, so that is why they weren’t here…more teary eyes…and finally I told her how special she is to me and that I would love her to be part of my life, forever…. That was the cusp and she was hugging me and holding hands and totally emotional, that the waiter was all teary eyes as well. The group was a jazz band, and it was playing all sort of oldies classics from count Basie, Louie Armstrong, Gillespie, Holiday (which is a favorite of Alejandra), and Miles D, Parker, and the one and only Duke Ellington….they gave their all in those awesome renditions…some songs were very danceable, so I took Alejandra a little to the side and people were watching me dance with this amazing woman. All in all was a night to remember, and we walked a little talking and having a wonderful time. Picked up the car and got her, we headed to the presidio, which overlooks the beautiful Golden Gate. We were going to visit it tomorrow, but since it was a lovely night, I decided to bring her here…it was a place someone told me where you can sit down while watching the light up bridge…

At the end of the wonderful meal and evening, and listening to the amazing performers, we went to watch the beautiful and amazing Golden Gate…it was totally illuminated and had that distinctive paint job that has made this amazing bridge as one of the most beautiful in the entire world. As we were sitting on a bench overlooking this amazing engineering marvel, Alejandra and I started talking about ourselves and how we were missing each other. It felt as if time did not go by…we were flirting and more so in love with each other. It was a different feeling than before. It was more mature, and we looked into each other’s eyes and we said at the same time “I love you”, which we laugh for how corny that was. We told each other that we’ll go slow and making sure that what we do is in the interest of the other.

When we arrived to the hotel the guys were asking us how it was, and we told them a bit of what the evening was like. In private the guys were asking me if things were heading toward a date at the altar, but I told them that was in the future, but right now we wanted to make sure to erase what made us felt apart and we were looking at the future more brightly.

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